29 years old

I am 29 years old today. Odd to think that in one more year I will no longer be in my 20’s.

Some highlights from this past year of life:

The year’s best photos:

Steve and I visited our good friends in Alabama and took this picture of a cow cooling off in the middle of a pond:

On a camping trip, I took this picture:

That’s correct — you are looking at an extremely obese chipmunk crashing a My Little Pony tea party.

The year of dreams and accomplishments: 

  • My book got published.
  • I ran my first half-marathon, and determined that I never want to try running a full marathon. Anything past 10 miles is TOO LONG for me. 🙂
  • I started to learn how to play the harp after 16 years of wishful thinking.
  • Steve and I went to a week-long “intensive retreat” — sort of like a Christian conference combined with intensive therapy — with some really neat results both personally and in our marriage.
  • I helped work on a paper for Microsoft.
  • I joined PixelMill as a partner.
  • Steve took me to the Cake concert.

The year of new things:

  • I half-started Getting Things Done, then went all the way.
  • I learned to make tiramisu.
  • I started this blog and made new friends through it.
  • We became more like the “average American:” We got a second car (free from my mom), got a ginormous TV (free from Steve’s coworker), got a pet or six, and finally got cell phones (sadly NOT free).
  • Steve finally found a job/career path that he enjoys.

The year of babies:

  • I got to watch a cat give birth.
  • Two of my closest friends got pregnant (with one baby out so far!).

What a great year! I am grateful for my life, health, family, friends, and the chance to have all of these fantastic experiences.


17 thoughts on “29 years old

  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope to see you tonight at Steve’s game. Like your idea of compling a list of accomplishments from the past year. Maybe I should do that so I don’t feel like it’s just been another year gone. BTW – when are we going to see more cat pictures?? (the chipmunk is cute though!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Corrie.

    I’m in the same boat (turning 29 in December). You’ve had an amazing and fully year. Enjoy the day!

  3. Happy birthday, Corrie. Now this is really weird but I was just thinking of you and then I thought I wonder how old you are and then I decided to visit your blog and there you’ve blogged it!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    “Steve finally found a job/career path that he enjoys” What does Steve do?


  4. Marcia – Steve is currently a construction laborer, which means he gets to do all the boring and/or nasty stuff with some fun stuff every now and then. He loves being able to work outdoors and use his hands. He will be joining the union as an apprentice to then make his way up to journeyman level — which oddly enough will mean a significant paycut for him from union fees, but on the plus side, his whole family will have health benefits. We’ll need to start digging up some children from somewhere to make full use of those! 🙂

  5. I hope you had a very happy birthday yesterday, Corrie. How did the game turn out? Did that little girl keep walking in front of you all night?? (She was kind of driving me crazy brushing against my back every minute and a half!!) Oh, well. Sorry we couldn’t stay for more cheering & celebrating, but I hope it was fun for ya’ll who were there.

  6. Liz – I did, thanks, and thanks for coming by! Steve’s team lost, but only by 2, which is not bad considering they were trailing by 9 since the first couple of innings. It got very exciting near the end.

    The little girl eventually stopped walking back and forth, but your place was taken by some rather scandalously dressed beer-drinking 20-somethings. We eventually got tired of looking down their low-rise pants and moved to the home team side where we could cheer with gusto for Steve’s team. 🙂

  7. Happy belated birthday Corrie, and congrats on the book. I am so jealous!
    I am working on 2 e-books and a novel, and now I will really have to get on the stick. (I have been celebrating the anniversary of my 29th for a few years now…)

  8. Hi Corrie! So sorry I missed sending you a note on your birthday. I hope it was a great one! It’s been a busy year… I can only imagine next year will be even busier! We love ya!

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