Lazy week update

As I may have mentioned, I’ve been incredibly unmotivated and lazy this week. Nonetheless, some progress was made in different areas… okay, just two areas:

  • Routines went well. Put a post-it on the mirror to remind me of evening routines, played harp every day, went running or walking every day (except today).
  • Checked one more item off my new-business to-do list by shipping a “product” to get a good idea of shipping costs.

The motivational week update/earning tracking form helped a teensy weensy bit. More to the point, however, I predict that when I finish reading the Miles Vorkosigan series, I will be able to focus a lot better. 🙂

This weekend we actually will be in town! So I’m hoping to pick up more books from the library, do some reading, and, perhaps, actually post some photos.

Thanks to this week’s visitors for posting comments: LizB, DIYSara, Organising Queen (Marcia), Yazil, TesTeq, Doodah, Penny, Britt, ddrdancer, Samhallife, @Stephen, entropicon, Angela Yee, and rosalva.


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