Kitten photos in Flickr

I finally opened a Flickr account (I know, a bit late in the game) to help expedite the uploading of kitten pictures. Here are some of the better ones:

Compare ear sizes:

July 10 (about two weeks old): (eyes just opening up)


July 13:


July 21 (three and a half weeks old):


We still occasionally find Nutmeg sleeping in ridiculous positions:

Nutmeg sprawled out

Teeny tiny kitten butt:

Kitten butt

Where did Rocket go?

Missing kitten

This was pretty hilarious. One of the kittens was back by Nutmeg’s tail and got stuck when Nutmeg brought her leg down:

Kitten stuck

The kitten tried desperately to get out. His tiny paws scrabbled against Nutmeg’s fur.

Kitten trying to get out.

Ughhhh! Ehnnnnn!

Kitten trying to get out.

The kitten finally got halfway out.

Kitten stuck

And promptly fell asleep. I love the paw dangling down.

Kitten asleep.

Tofu is really adorable — okay, they all are. If we were to keep a kitten, she might be the one:


Rocket observes safely behind the chair-leg.


Nutmeg crawled under Steve’s arm for some lovin’, and Tapioca crept up and then stared at Steve for a very long time.

Tapioca staring at Steve

Cutest picture of the bunch: This showcases the baby blue eyes that all the kittens currently have as well as an especially adorable feature of Rocket — when you hold him under the arms, he does the paws up/tail tuck thing that most kittens only do when picked up by their neck.

Rocket in tail-tuck mode

View the 253 photos (as of right now) in the Nutmeg and kittens Flickr set…


10 thoughts on “Kitten photos in Flickr

  1. omgosh I am in love! Rocket has the cutest belly spots! My Toby is a tabby with stripes and spots … can’t resist! All your kitties are adorable =^..^=

  2. Oh! *So* cute! Going to your flikr site now….

    And wow, Steve has hair! I think this is the first photo I’ve seen of him with that much hair.

  3. I love the one where you’re holding Rocket under the front legs – he totally looks like Simba from the Lion King there! So adorable! I can’t wait to live with such cuteness – and I hope you keep Tofu, too! 😀

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