Cute cat story.


We carried two kittens out to the living room to cuddle and pet while watching some TV. They were curious and calm, sniffing around and exploring, for about 10 minutes. Then they realized they were nowhere near the others and started crying.

Nutmeg, who had come out to eat, came over to investigate and meowed anxiously at them. We put the kittens on the floor to see what would happen.

Nutmeg: Mrrrrrr. Mr-r-r-r-r. Mrrrr?

Sophie and Tofu: MEW! MEW! MEW!

Nutmeg walks towards the hallway. Mr-r-r-r-r. Mrow.

Tofu starts doing the cute kitten stagger towards Nutmeg. Sophie turns in circles: MEW! MEW! MEW!

Nutmeg takes another step towards the hallway, looking back. Mr-r-r-r-r?

Tofu gets about as far as Nutmeg. Sophie starts crawling the wrong way.

Nutmeg walks over, carefully grabs Sophie around her neck, carries her to the office and deposits her under Steve’s desk with the others.

Tofu, left alone: Mew. MEW. MEW! MEW! MEW! MEW! MEW!

Nutmeg comes back. Mr-r-r-r-r?

Tofu is still freaking out.

Nutmeg seems to give up on trying to get Tofu to follow her, comes over, grabs Tofu around the neck, and carries/drags her down the hall to the office. (Tofu is a bit bigger than Sophie.)

A short while later, all five kittens are happily jostling for position around Nutmeg’s belly.


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