Weekly Update: Back at ’em

As I predicted last week, my productivity quadrupled (or quintupled?) after I finished reading the Miles Vorkosigan series. Not exactly a perfect week, but still significant!

  • Work was much more productive this week. I’m not exactly working with passion (as one of my main projects is cleaning up code…), but I’m working quickly and steadily. The week tracking form has been good motivation.
  • Running is difficult right now. I’m on the injury/rest cycle with my right knee. I hate to have to cut further back as I hoped to be running 3 miles every day by now, but even 2 miles seems to be pushing it on the days I do make it out for a run. On the other hand, Steve and I just joined a gym (his 3-year membership expired at a different gym) so at least other types of fitness will be happening.
  • Routines have been dropped for this week, as well. My sleep is all messed up; slept in on Monday and Wednesday, got up at 6 on Tuesday, woke up inexplicably at 2:30 on Thursday and couldn’t go back to sleep, got up at 3:45 to send Steve off to work this morning and will definitely need a nap. Being tired means that exercise and other personal-health things don’t really happen.
  • Fruits/veggies goal has been less on the radar, as well. The good thing is that I actually cooked this week (last week my unmotivation spread to cooking, as well), and I’ve been successful in making at least one or two red meat-less meals a week. Unfortunately I stopped buying fruit for some reason… when did that happen?!
  • Branding hasn’t moved forward in the form of a web site, either.
  • Harp has still been consistent, practicing at least 20 minutes every day. I have only two more harp lessons yet before I return the rental and start saving up for my own harp.
  • Attitude has been mostly positive.
  • And, of course, the biggest thing this week is that I finally officially started my new business. This was one of my goals for 2007; I’m so excited that I finally got everything together (although I did think I’d be done by April!). Now I just need to see if this will actually bring in additional income or not!

I have two personal goals for myself this weekend that have been on my to-do list for a while: Try to make Chinese sesame balls (crispy goodness with red bean paste in the middle) and make this year’s anniversary picture*. We’re also going to try to add the gym to our Saturday circuit. Last weekend’s goals (library, reading, photos) were actually accomplished. Yay!

Thanks to this week’s visitors for being interactive: Doodah, Kate Davis, Dave Seah, Britt, Samantha, Angela Yee, Kristine, LizB, Penny, Lea, Megan, @Stephen, Yazil, and Marcia.

*Anniversary picture: Each year after our anniversary, I make a full-page ink-and-colored pencil or watercolor drawing that represents the different events of the past year. Most of the ones I’ve done so far are tiny little comic drawings that follow a path around the page. I made a list of the major events from this past year, so now I just have to cut the list down and make the drawing.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Back at ’em

  1. Well, you’ve now joined the gym, but why not on your “rest” running days, or the days you don’t quite feel up to running try to push yourself on a bike route? Biking doesn’t have quite the same needs as running but it should help keep your heart healthy and happy.

    And again, Congrats! on your new biz.

  2. Good advice, Penny! I think I want to add swimming to the mix, too — our new gym membership (through the university rec center) includes access to the lap pool! Now I just have to look up the hours…

  3. I like the idea of the Anniversary picture. Not being too talented at drawing, perhaps I can get my wife to start keeping clippings of things and we can make an annual collage…hmmmm.

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