Weekly Update: In the zone, the fly zone and the no-fly zone

In the fly zone

The past couple of weeks, we’ve had a fly problem in our house. There were at least three or four flies buzzing annoyingly around every day. We would kill one, and another would appear, despite our best efforts to make our house a no-fly zone. (Har har har.)

Thursday morning, we woke up at 3:45 to send Steve off to work. As I stumbled out into the kitchen to feed the cat, I was greeted to the sight of squirming, wriggling fly larvae ALL OVER our apartment kitchen floor, with some that had even reached all the way out to the entryway. They look like moving pieces of long-grain rice. Ugh!! We actually had the same thing happen a year ago with the larvae originating from under the dishwasher, but this time it was partially our faults because we hadn’t taken out the garbage (as it wasn’t “full” yet). I vacuumed them up, emptied the vacuum bin (we have a bagless vacuum), Steve took out the garbage, and I intermittently would vacuum up stray larvae that would appear out of nowhere throughout the morning. The same morning, I then had to clean up after an ant infestation in the kitten pen — we’ve been having indoor ant problems the past couple of weeks as well. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I am NOT fond of large numbers of bugs and bug progeny.

In the no-fly zone

This week I’ve been in the no-fly zone, as FlyLady might call it, in terms of completely falling off the routines wagon.

My routines are all messed up because I lost my morning exercise “hook.” The idea is that you develop one part of a routine that works for you, then “hook on” other routines. (Read more about building routines.) Morning exercise has been the foundation of the rest of my routines — I exercise, eat (and take vitamin), glance at my menu plan for the day, then go take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, have morning devotions, and (more recently) play harp, all before I “start” my day.

Since we’ve joined the gym and are going three times a week in the afternoons, I don’t feel like doing anything more in the morning, and everything else has pretty much stopped as well. I haven’t practiced harp at all this week (ack!) and will probably cancel my lesson for next week and lose out on the money (it’s not worth the drive if I haven’t practiced). I haven’t been brushing my teeth in the mornings — or eating a healthy breakfast, for that matter. The only thing I have been doing consistently is blogging.

The problem is that my routines aren’t just so that I can fill out bubbles and feel happy about accomplishing thing — they are things that are good for me and ultimately, things that I want to be doing! This next week, I’ll be reseting my routines and trying to tweak them to fit the new gym lifestyle. I may end up needing two “types” of routines — one for gym days and one for non-gym days. We’ll see.

In the zone!

The one area where I’ve been in the zone is with work. I took part of Tuesday off to hang out with a friend from out of town, but I’m still way ahead on my weekly tracking motivational sheet. I also added on three new work projects this week — one new client, and two projects that were previously discussed that are finally underway. I’m working at full capacity (which for me, means over 6 or 8 hours a day) and have already found myself readjusting my email/social habits (checking email less often, visiting Facebook and Google Reader less often) to compensate. Non-work time, including this weekend, is going to be spent packing up our apartment and finally reading Harry Potter. This means my personal web site redesign is on hold for another week — or at least until the next Groundhog Resolution review day (August 8).

I’m also still holding strong with GTD and will be having a weekly review later today. Last week’s review totally saved me — I found I had dropped the ball on a project while reviewing my project lists!

So — a great work week, but if I don’t start taking care of myself again, I’m going to crash.

Looking forward…

This weekend I will finally be cracking Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Steve and I may read it out loud together tonight and then go our separate ways the rest of the weekend. We’re also going to continue packing up the apartment.

Next week: Will be doing some serious goal-revamping on groundhog resolutions review day next week and attempting to modify my routines to fit, while remaining productive and focused!


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