Photos from the cat pen

As we’ve been packing to move, we’ve been building a “cat pen” to help keep the kittens contained safely in a corner of the office (more like half the office).

Cat pen

The kittens are VERY active now (when they’re awake). We can hear them thundering around the plastic mat with cat toys rattling about.

Rocket and Tofu wrestling

They’ll go through a spurt of active playing, then Nutmeg will feed them, and they’ll all fall asleep, sprawled throughout the pen. (You can see the small stuffed mice, as well as a rubber bracelet, that the kittens like to play with.)

Kittens sleeping.

We started out with one level of boxes on one side, which was enough to keep the kittens contained. The kittens would always be very curious when we peered over, looking up at us, trying to figure out how they could get out. Here’s a photo of Tapioca:

Tapioca staring up at me.

Rocket was the first one to figure out how to scrabble his way up. Over the past few days, we’ve had to add a second layer of boxes, and finally, a third.

Rocket climbs up on the box.

We added a litter box and water bowl to the kitten pen. We’ll occasionally try to put in cat food, but only Tofu tries to eat; the others aren’t interested yet.

Litter box and water

To provide an “enriching” environment for the kittens, we put in a shoe box and empty Godiva box. The kittens love perching on the shoe box (you can see Puddle below, with one of the cat toys) and sitting inside the Godiva box.

Puddle resting on the shoebox.

Kittens playing

They like to chew the edges of the box, too.

Chewing on the box.

We also hung a string that they love to play with.

Tapioca playing with string

Finally… a few more cute pictures:

Nutmeg was feeding the kittens and then rolled over, which made for some pretty squeaky moments as the kittens tried to get into position again.

Nutmet rolled over when feeding the kittens

How ridiculous is this picture?!

Nutmeg feeding Tapioca

Rocket sleeping. Awwwww.

Rocket curled up

6 thoughts on “Photos from the cat pen

  1. Oh, I do enjoy your kitten pictures, they are so cute. Particularly as my cat is now a middle aged 13 year old lady, she still has her cute moments though.

  2. entropicon – I’m allergic, too! But my allergies seem to be mostly under control from daily exposure, washing my hands frequently, and taking regular allergy medicine. 🙂

    Kate – Anything furry is usually pretty cute, no matter how old they are…

    Angela – The kittens are contained in the office, so it might be okay for you guys to make a quick visit!

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