Weekend painting – Frog mural

This weekend, some of my friends and I helped to paint a room. Julie invited us to help her paint her spare room for her nephew with a fun blue-green color scheme and said that she was thinking of doing some kind of mural, as well, with a quote from Guess How Much I Love You: “I love you to the moon and back.”

Here was the final result:


I must brag about my creative friends — Holly, who designed the mural and did the frogs (with some “fill in” help from Julie), Julie, who painted the moon, and Liz (a.k.a fellow baby shower decor designer), who came up with the idea for the stripe of blue around the rest of the room and was our general manager for the day. My bragging rights come in from doing the lettering and painting the lily pad. We all prepped the room together and painted in stages; both colors needed two coats and we had to wait for the blue to dry before taping it off to do the green. The blue bled a little bit behind the painter’s tape; I figured out that if we cut in the edges of the green very carefully with a paintbrush instead of simply rolling over it, that problem could be avoided — and it worked!

It took about eight hours (with a short break for pizza) from start to finish, and we were all very pleased with it by the end. Except for Julie’s nephew, who was just slightly disappointed that Holly didn’t have time to make a dragon on the other wall, too, as planned…

6 thoughts on “Weekend painting – Frog mural

  1. Maybe the dragon can go in later as an addition :). Or there’s always the idea of adding dragon stensils and/or posters.

  2. that is awesome. i must say that i watch too much hgtv so er, yeah, cutting in everywhere with a brush is highly recommended. anyway it looks amazing!

  3. Thanks, guys! Gilda — I think Holly does plan on adding a dragon in a couple of weekends. We assured Holly that if she helps us paint our house, we will not have any murals or stripes.

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