Weekly Update: Productivity Galore!

I’ve got a set of new monthly goals and pushed the routines reset button this week. This combination has resulted in an extremely productive and satisfying week.

  • Fitness has been pretty consistent with visiting the gym three times a week with Steve. And, starting TODAY, I’m working in some kind of heart-healthy 30 minutes minimum exercise on the non-gym days. (I’m planning to go to the university pool to swim laps at noon — I have my bag packed already!)
  • Filling out my routine and food bubbles has been going consistently as well this week. The one thing I’ve been slacking on is harp — my last lesson is in a week and a half*, so I think I’m uninspired to improve.
  • Custom Shadow Box moved forward one more step as I designed business cards yesterday morning.
  • Branding hasn’t been doing anything, but I have a plan now!
  • Work has been great. I’ve been energetically working hard all week, making lots of forward progress on my projects and making clients happy.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday and getting more packing done. My goal is to purge and pack the office closet, which has become a sort of catch-all for hobbies and crafts. As a bonus, I’d like to also pack up the pantry items that I’m not going to be using.

I forgot to thank commenting-visitors last week, so here is two weeks’ worth: Doodah, Penny, Angela (who has a new web site!), Tonia, Dave, Kate, Gilda, Liza’s Eyeview, Entropicon, Gene Wong, bijouhamtaropika, Britt, Organising Queen (Marcia), ddrdancer, Michael, and @Stephen!


One thought on “Weekly Update: Productivity Galore!

  1. Weekend update: Packed the office closet although only did a tiny bit of purging. Didn’t touch the pantry. Instead, I made about a hundred potstickers/dumplings to freeze as an easy future meal for the midst of moving madness.

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