Organizing interview meme

Marcia tagged me, so I’ll play:

1. What is your most difficult organizational challenge?
Art and craft supplies. According to It’s All Too Much, I should be purging a ton and then limiting myself to the space I have on hand. The hard part is that I really do use most of it — just not very often! Or is that what everyone says? My second most difficult organizational challenge has been a tiny apartment kitchen, but that’s about to change in two weeks!

2. Who inspires you?
Lots of people! Anyone who is living with passion. Anyone who does something that I think is cool. Anyone who writes well about their lives.

3. How did you start organizing?
When I was four or five, I realized that markers and crayons looked pretty cool when all spread out in a long row, ordered by color. Does that count?

Otherwise, I suppose it would have to be in high school, when I found that it was important to keep track of things that were going on so I wouldn’t forget them. It helped that one of my sisters gave me my first DayRunner as a Christmas present.

4. What do you love about organizing?
I like making things more efficient, which I think organizing does (once you get over the initial organizing part of it!). I also like having objects “fit” in a space as if they were meant to go there. I wish I had a picture of my freshman year dorm room — I still can’t believe how much stuff I was able to fit in my half of the room while allowing everything to “have it’s place”!

5. What is your guilty pleasure?
French fries. The thin-cut fast food type, not restaurant-style. McDonald’s or Burger King, specifically. In-n-out ‘well done’ fries are an okay substitute.

Hmmm… the only other official organizer I know is my sister, but I don’t know if she has time to answer these questions! So, if you’re a reader and have an interest in organizing, please consider yourself tagged!

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