Funny cats

Nutmeg keeps jumping into the kitten pen (relocated to our hall bathroom) and bringing out the cat toys and depositing them in the hall or office. We’ll pick them up and toss them back into the bathroom. Not too long afterwards, we find mice and tasseled balls in the hallway again. This picture below shows her with ALL of the cat toys in the office, after bringing them out one at a time.

Nutmeg bringing out cat toys

Tofu fell asleep in my lap. She started up sitting up with her head leaning on my stomach, then slowly tipped backwards.

Tofu asleep in my lap

Before we relocated the kittens to the bathroom, they loved to jump up and slide down the table legs over and over again. I miraculously managed to get a picture of Sophie at the apex of her leap. It was one of my favorite things to watch.

Kittens sliding down pole

For a while, only Tofu was interested in solid food. Then all of a sudden, all the other kittens started eating. Except Rocket. He takes it as a chance to nurse. Here are some silly pictures, taken at different times, of Rocket trying to nurse during mealtimes.

Rocket nurses while the others eat.

Rocket nursing while the others eat.

Rocket nurses while the others eat.

By the way — our cat barrier has gone from three file boxes to four boxes high. That Rocket — he’s way too advanced a jumper for his age, in my opinion.

In the evenings, one of our favorite things is to close ourselves in the office with all the kittens and watch them run around like crazy. They love to climb the first level of bookshelves, get into the fun tunnels of boxes and stuff we have piled up in the corner, and chase each other around. We end up with some cuteness like this:

Rocket sitting in a basket.

Unfortunately after the kittens run around for 20 minutes, Nutmeg’s eyes dilate, her tail starts swishing, and she starts seeing the kittens as prey. She has stalked and tackled them at times to the point where they squeal and cry. Nutmeg is probably pretty young and just wants to play herself, but she has a rather unfair advantage with her size (especially when she has them by the throat and starts kicking at them!), so it’s goodbye to Nutmeg for now during evening playtime.


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