Blog under construction

Last night I did a quick-and-dirty switch to the WordPress Sandbox theme and copied, tweaked, and hacked at my CSS to get it into a rough working condition. I think it took about an hour and a half, in between watching kittens play and selling off a chair to a Craigslist person, so I’m talking very quick and dirty! It mostly works in Firefox right now, although I noticed some text spacing issues with IE6 (apart from the non-png transparency issues), but please leave a comment if you notice anything else funky. One thing new is that I have TWO sidebars to play with (right now one is mostly hidden) so I get to figure out what I want to do about that! And I might change the color, because although I like the blue on its own, it clashes a bit with the teal WordPress Admin bar when I’m logged in (which is all the time).

I do like the background effect that I ended up with, however — less “messy” than my site, so I’m thinking about switching the site now!

Anyway – don’t be surprised if you see things moving about frequently. Or just stick to your RSS reader and wait until I ask for official bug testing. 🙂

Update: I changed to teal from blue and played with sidebar stuff and gave myself a new headline (“This is my blog. I can be wordy. But I take cute photos of kittens, so it’s all good.”). Now I need to get to work, so I’ll leave this as-is for now!

4 thoughts on “Blog under construction

  1. Hi Corrie,

    I just started my own semi-personal blog. I took a template and changed it (very limited changes, i’m not talking moving things around or anything). I was wondering, how do you decide what is too personal to put up and what is not? I’d like to write about a lot of stuff but at the same time I don’t want everybody in the world to read about it. I’ve also been thinking I don’t want my blog to come up as the first result in google if someone types in brandon lem. Well I guess I just wanted to say hi.
    Oh one last thing – why did you get rid of your original blog design?

  2. Hi Brandon!
    I think you just decide what you feel comfortable with. If something is too “out there” for you, and you might be embarrassed if an acquaintance, family member, potential employer, or stranger came across it, then I wouldn’t write it in a public forum. And if you don’t want your blog to come up first under “brandon lem,” you might consider changing the domain name to something more anonymous and then using a pseudonym or nickname in your postings instead.

    The original “design” of this blog was one of the default WordPress templates. I’ve always wanted to have it match my personal site, but was holding off until I got through the rebranding/redesign first.

    Thanks for visiting and saying hi!

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