Weekly Update: Web Focus

This week I managed to get my new web site design and first draft of the blog design up!

  • Fitness: Still consistent! I forgot to exercise on Thursday (missed the noon swim time) but otherwise have been good at going to the gym and/or walking on the other days.
  • Routines: Pretty good at keeping track of my food, although I was a bit lax on some of my morning routines. It’s  hard to have morning routines when your house is half-packed, I’ve decided. This next week is our final push to pack everything before we move on Saturday, so I probably will have another two weeks of poor routines.
  • Custom Shadow Box: I’ve had some inquiries placed, which is encouraging! No official orders yet, but then again, I haven’t started officially marketing. (Nor do I have a plan for that yet.)
  • Branding: Huge leap forward with finally getting my new web and blog design out. Still lots of tweaks to be made, but I’m very happy to have gotten the bulk of the work done.
  • Work: Got the short end of the stick. Monday was my day off to work on my site design, and Tuesday ended up being a mostly off day as I had some last-minute dentist and eye appointments made (last-minute standard cleaning, not anything bad — they had an opening that was very convenient). But I did wrap up a project and made some good progress on other ones, so I’m satisfied overall!

The tenants are moved out of our new place, so this weekend and most of next week’s evenings will be spent prepping and painting the interior (on top of trying to finish packing…)! We’re moving into a four-bedroom duplex with another couple so that we can both save on rent money. The husband’s dad owns the rental, so we get to paint the interior nice colors (and are getting the linoleum and carpet and stove replaced, as well!). No murals this time. 😉

Thanks to this week’s commentating visitors: Brandon, Penny, Shawn Hyde, LizB, JKD, Angela Yee, Bronwyn, Doodah, Entropicon, Marcia, organising queen, funDiva Christy, John (I couldn’t tell if this was a spam comment or not, actually), Janine, Joni, @Stephen.

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