My favorite web sites

Marcia (a.k.a Organising Queen) tagged me to share my five favorite web sites. Here they are, for today, at least (they may change tomorrow), but not in any particular order:

  • Davis Wiki – A community wiki for my town. Anytime I want to look up hours for a restaurant or store, read some restaurant reviews, or look up a phone number, the Davis Wiki usually has an answer for me.
  • CSS Remix – I love checking out the new designs featured at CSS Remix.
  • Craigslist (Sacramento) – I admit it — I’m a Craigslist junkie. It’s my virtual form of window shopping for cheap deals.
  • Levenger – Visiting Levenger is my virtual form of window shopping for expensive, luxurious items. Although I must admit I like looking at the catalogs more than the web site.
  • Notcot – I used to visit daily until I felt overwhelmed, but recently rediscovered how much I love seeing cool examples of unique design.

I’m curious to know what Britt, Penny, Doodah, and @Stephen’s favorite sites are.

14 thoughts on “My favorite web sites

  1. Or perhaps, James, some of us just like to have nice things. The author of that article should turn his creative energies to something more positive.

  2. Wow, I hit a nerve…

    I happen to own a leather Levenger weight thingy that holds your book open. It’s quite nice. And as a Serious Reader, I enjoyed the writing at (the point of which is very much missed by @Stephen) back when it was still active. One can appreciate both, no?

    Also: PC. I wanted to like OSX but I just hate the way it feels, as beautiful as it may look. And I’m saying this as a former hardcore (13 years: 1985-1998) Mac user. To this day Illustrator still only feels right to me on an old Mac.

  3. Hi James – Thanks for coming back and clarifying your position! The Levenger weight thingy is actually one of the items I frequently drool over, but can never justify for myself.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how to take the article — bitter? ironic? tongue-in-cheek? — but it didn’t really change how I feel about my Levenger lap desk. Or editor book stand. Or Circa planner. šŸ˜€

  4. Something weird is happening – my comments aren’t coming through on your blog. I noticed I wasn’t in last week’s list šŸ˜‰ so I came to check posts I commented on and …nothing.

    Should comments appear immediately? or is there a time delay?

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