Weekly Update: Add chaos. Stir. Repeat.

Just in case I happened to pick up some new readers from the flurry of lifehacker and digg traffic, every Friday is my “weekly update” post, mostly for the purpose of keeping track of my goals. Today, however, I’ll deviate slightly to share some more personal things about my crazy week to give you some insight as to why Not Much got accomplished this week.

  • Saturday: Steve worked, and Liz and I went to pick up 14 gallons of paint for the new house that we’re all moving into* (tomorrow!!). Thanks to a bevy of wonderful volunteers, we managed to tape/prep the whole place and start on a first coat in the main living areas. Steve called on his way home to say that the car broke down on the freeway. I drove out to hang out with him to wait the hour and a half for the tow truck. It was blazing hot; luckily, a few minutes after standing in the sun, I remembered that we had camping chairs in the trunk of the car! We set them up (they’re the posh kind with footrests) and lots of people stared at us as they drove by. Eventually the tow truck arrived, and the 4.67 miles to the car dealership just off the next exit (near our house) meant that our insurance covered it for free. The service center was closed, so we just left the car in the lot.
  • Sunday: More painting after church. Service center of the car dealership still closed. Our good friends invited us over for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.
  • Monday: An alarm setting mishap meant that Steve woke up late for work. Now carless, I biked down to the car dealership to fill out paperwork and have them look at our car. Exit $350 odd dollars. Then I found that our bathroom (current kitten-pen**) was smeared all over with cat feces. I don’t know if one of the cats had an accident or if they thought cat poop was a fun toy. So I had to clean that up. The next major task of the day was taking one of our kittens, Rocket, to the vet, as he has had a lumpy, bulgy stomach and it seemed to be getting worse. Note that I am still carless at this point, so I carried the cardboard cat carrier on my bike, eliciting some very strange looks from pedestrians as I whizzed by with a meowing box (I am getting used to strange looks from people). It turns out that Rocket has a birth defect where his abdominal muscles never fused in the middle, which means that he had some serious hernias (i.e., his intestines were poking out). Exit another $370 for 20 minutes of surgery, a funnel collar, antibiotics, pain meds, and strict instructions to not let him climb, run, jump, or play, which is about as easy as telling someone not to breathe. I picked up the car, went to a doctor’s appointment, then picked up the kitten from the vet. Then came a very stressful time where I tried to put the funnel collar on Rocket. Much yowling, thrashing, and I’m surprised he didn’t rip all his sutures at this point. I was very much near tears. The day ended with both Steve and I very stressed. A very memorable day. One of the best parts of the day was that the same good friends who invited us over for dinner on Sunday invited us again, so I didn’t have to cook again!
  • Tuesday: Went a lot better than Monday! I spent most of the day making sure Rocket was quiet and separated from the others — particularly after the mom, Nutmeg, freaked out and tried to kill him when she saw the collar on him. Oh, and I also tried to get work done. In the evening, our church small group came over to the house to help us paint. They are superstars.
  • Wednesday: About the same as Tuesday, with an extra flurry of effort to paint in the evening because the carpet/linoleum was going to get replaced the next day.
  • Thursday: My weight training post got linked from lifehacker and then got dugg (thanks to Dave for putting it “out there”), which I certainly didn’t expect. Lots of comment-approving, filtering through spam comments***, and the PDF form’s server went down from all the traffic. This, of course, conveniently happened right in the middle of trying to impress a potential client! How embarrassing. (“Ummmm… sorry you can’t view my web site right now. Too many people are trying to download this, um, weight training form that I made.”) In the middle of a phone conversation with aforementioned potential client, Rocket also decided he wanted to climb up and sleep in my lap. Unfortunately he did so by climbing up my legs. The evening ended with much painting and packing.

So. How has this week affected my goals?

  • Fitness: NO visits to the gym, which I’m a tiny bit sad about since I just made that pretty weight training form for myself. But as you can see we really have a bit too much going on to make that a priority for now.
  • Routines: I’m keeping track of my food quite well still, which is amazing, but most of my other routines are on hold until after we move and get settled in.
  • Custom Shadow Box****: I didn’t do anything this week. However, my business cards did come in (pictures to come)! A little sad because I didn’t plan well; I didn’t check to make sure whether “glossy” cardstock was glossy on both sides, so the photos were printed on a matte surface. Oh well. They still look cool, I guess.
  • Branding: Tweaked the background image slightly on corriehaffly.com to use the vertical fading stripes that I had made for the blog, which I think helps it look a little less messy. Still have so many things I want to tweak on that site and this blog, but will have to wait until after the move!
  • Work: Hung on and did what I needed to do. Amazed how many things got checked off considering my lack of focus this week.

In summary, this has definitely been a pretty challenging week (although I’ve had worse*****). I’m hoping to get a good morning of work in today before I run many moving-errands and then spend the rest of the day packing up the office and the rest of our apartment. Tomorrow, we have many friends and family converging on our two apartments to help us move, and then comes a few days of trying to figure out how to best combine households. I’m optimistically hoping to be back online by next Wednesday, but have purposefully scheduled most of my project milestones to happen AFTER Labor Day weekend.

So this is the last “live post” that I’ll be making for a few days. I have some different posts that I’m scheduling to publish over the next couple of days while I’m offline, but don’t expect much interaction from me in the comments! Hope you have a great weekend and first part of next week.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented: Penny, @Stephen, Kate Davis, Angela Yee, Matt, David, James Hamilton, Kevin Barnes, Mcbeev, Jen, Ankur, Britt, John Gerbino, Ryan, ddrdancer, Katy, Björgvin, Gdog, Matt Wolfe, Marilyn, Jon, Jason Nelms, LightningCrash, Emma, Mark, Piers, Scott Wright, Sophie, Albert, and Dave Seah (double-thanks for all the traffic)!

* Steve and I are moving into a four-bedroom rental with another couple. Both of us are trying to save money so that we can eventually own our own homes. The rental is owned by Rich’s parents, so we had a lot of free reign with choosing interior paint colors!

** We were adopted by a cat who then had five kittens. Right now the kittens live in our hallway bathroom.

*** I’m really surprised by how anonymity allows some people to make really inappropriate comments that they probably wouldn’t say to your face. There were two non-spam comments that I didn’t approve because my niece reads my blog. If you commented appropriately, and I didn’t approve it, sorry — it may have looked like spam! Please try something less generic next time.

**** Custom Shadow Box is a new side business I just started. You can read all about it here.

***** I would say the MOST challenging weeks of my life — so far — were two weeks in June 2002. My dad passed away one weekend, the memorial service was the next weekend, we found that Steve’s bike was stolen when we came home from the memorial service, and our wedding was the next weekend. You can fill in the blanks of what our time was spent on during the weekdays. Luckily, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for me, so I doubt I’ll have an exact repeat of that sequence of events!

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