Theoretical Moving Tips

Today is the day of our move, and since I’m pre-posting this, I won’t be able to tell you how it really went until we settle in. However, here are some things that we’ve tried to do to make moving a little easier for ourselves — but most importantly, for the people who are helping us. While we have implemented some of these moving tips in the past, I think that I should wait until AFTER our move to claim any usefulness or practicalities, so these remain “theoretical” for now:

  • Similar-sized boxes: We’ve packed most of our stuff into cheap cardboard file boxes or into these big plastic bins that we got from Costco. Very few items are in random-shaped boxes. This should theoretically make it very easy to load stacks of boxes up on hand trucks to move them into the truck and out into the house. (On the flip side, we have A LOT of boxes because they’re relatively small boxes compared to moving boxes that you can purchase.)
  • Well-labeled boxes: (At least, an attempt at well-labeled boxes.) We’ve labeled the top and at least one side of the file boxes with not only the contents of the box, but where the box should go — the kitchen, the living room, a bedroom, etc.
  • Signs on the doors: Conversely, we’re putting signs up in the house to label clearly which room is what. That way our helpers can quickly see “this is the office” or “this is Steve and Corrie’s room” without having to ask one of us.
  • Purging: We’ve tried to purge as we’ve packed, which will hopefully please our volunteers to know that they aren’t moving things that are going to be trashed anyway. And it means they’re moving less stuff than they could be — even if it doesn’t seem like it!
  • Total readiness: Our goal was to be completely ready for volunteers to come in and start moving. This meant that big furniture like our bed and desk would be broken down, drawers emptied, boxes stacked and labeled. Anything loose or unlabeled, our volunteers have the freedom of leaving in our apartment and we’ll deal with it later. Knowing our volunteers, they’ll be kind enough to bring it over anyway, so we’ll tell them to put everything “miscellaneous” in a corner of the living room or garage so that they don’t have to ask one of us.

Check back later to see how the reality of moving was for us!

5 thoughts on “Theoretical Moving Tips

  1. Sounds like good planning… I’ll be interested to see how it all comes together in the new place. Post pictures!

  2. I did the exact same things when I moved last year. I have helped lots of people move, and had to struggle with too much stuff and a half-packed house. I did not want that for my volunteers.

    And they really, really appreciated it. We had 1 big moving truck and a few cars and small trucks, and got everything in one trip. The movers were astounded that we were “done” by 11:30.

    The small, same-shaped boxes really help. Small is good, b/c more people (even kids) can carry those – as opposed to a giant moving box, which can only be lifted by an adult.

    In addition to labeling rooms, we actually labeled the walls that we wanted the large furniture pieces to go: Piano, Sofa, Loveseat, Bed, etc. So that the movers didn’t have to keep lifting things over and over, and we didn’t have to be there to tell them where to put stuff.

  3. Doodah – Wow! We certainly weren’t together enough to know where we wanted things to do, but that’s partially because we were combining two households for the first time. I’ll be posting an update soon about how the move went!

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