Weekly Update: Back online, mostly

No work, fitness, branding, etc. goal progress to report. However, this has definitely been a week to work on some of my character goals, like patience and communication! There have been a few frustrating situations this week related with moving and miscommunication that I still need to process. Just as a quick example, I drove out 40 minutes to drop off the harp, but the harp teacher wasn’t home. I waited around, then finally turned around and came home. It turns out that although she said “tomorrow” on the phone when she called on Wednesday evening, she really meant “Friday.” Other situations have involved feelings of loss or lack of control, which make me wonder if I’m becoming a control freak.In other news:

  • Rocket is fully back into the fold. We shut him up with just the other kittens for a night, and Nutmeg stopped trying to eat him.
  • In our new place, we built a plywood cat pen in the fireplace room to house the kittens.
  • Nutmeg and the other kittens all got spayed/neutered on Wednesday. Nutmeg has pretty much been sleeping all the time since then, except when she yowls at cats that she sees out the window.
  • We’re officially all moved out; as I type, Steve is returning the keys to our apartment! However, we’re only partially moved in — probably about 80% unpacked. We’re putting a lot of things into storage in the garage as we combine two households and try to simplify our stuff to fit into the space we have. So far we’re pleased with the way things are shaping up although it is a bit overwhelming. Photos to come, of course.
  • I desperately need a GTD review time today, as I can feel the pressure of many things that I’ve been trying to hold in my head while we were unsettled and I couldn’t find anything to write on. Thankfully I just put together my half of the office last night and got my files into the filing cabinet so I can fully process everything today!

Meanwhile, thanks to this week’s vocal readers: Penny, Marcia (Organizing Queen), Doodah, Mike Rohde, diysara, Shoeb Ahmed, vmzare, melanie, Kristine, Matt, James, and Eric!

This weekend, we are going camping! I have a couple of phone meetings and some work I need to do, but then it’s last-minute prep to get all of our stuff together before we take off this afternoon!


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