Cats and kittens in the new house

I’m skipping my weekly update because I’m still in “getting back into the swing of things” mode. Yesterday and today have been more “normal” so I’m hopeful!

Instead, I’ve finally uploaded all my photos into Flickr, so you’re subjected to cat photos again…

After moving into our new place, Steve and I built a Ghetto Cat Pen in the linoleum-floored family room. The L-shape enclosure comes up against the edge of the fireplace on one side (anchored by boxes) and the middle of the sliding glass door on the other side. Nutmeg can clear the enclosure and jump up on the mantle to get in and out. The kittens can’t, yet, which is the important part. Below, you can see Nutmeg laying on the mantle with glowing eyes, observing the mass of kittens within the Ghetto Cat Pen.

Nutmeg observing the Ghetto Cat Pen

The Ghetto Cat Pen was almost free to make; Steve got some scrap plywood from his job that was going to be trashed, we got some random 2×4’s from the backyard from when the terrace was torn down, and we jerry-rigged the thing together. Eventually we jerry-rigged it even more to have a swinging gate so that we could get in without having to climb over using a combination of chair and stepstool. It is Very Ghetto and we’ll be glad when the kittens are adopted out so that we can enjoy the fireplace room again (although we’ll be sad that the slew of cute cat photos will end).

Meanwhile, inside the GCP, the kittens are pretty adorable. For a while they would all curl up together on newspaper or the mat:

Kittens sleeping on newspaper

More recently, they seem to enjoy the corner of the fireplace. We’ll often find them all piled together in a furry heap in the corner. In this picture, they had all woken up but were still sitting together. Look at how old — and sleepy — they look!

Kittens in the corner.

Steve made a Super Fun Ghetto Cat Toy to put inside the GCP — basically a base to hold the plastic rod with long fleece tassel. The kittens really do love to play with it.

Super Fun Ghetto Cat Toy

One more development is that we had to remove the fireplace screen, because some of the kittens were able to climb to the top of the screen and then launch themselves at the edge of the plywood and climb over. Smart kittens. The fireplace is as clean as it can be, but the kittens are all still rather sooty and dusty from climbing around on the grate.

The week after we moved into the new place, all the other cats got spayed and neutered. Poor Rocket was all by his lonely self in the GCP for almost a full day:


By the way – Rocket got his stitches removed and the vet said that he was looking very good. His owners will have to just look out for hernias, but after two weeks, Rocket hasn’t had any other problems so his future is looking bright.

When Nutmeg came home, she pretty much slept nonstop for three days on the couch, curled up on a blanket. It was very cute.

Nutmeg recovering.

Nutmeg recovering.

Nutmeg recovering.

Nutmeg recovering.

Yesterday, I found Nutmeg sleeping in a different place of the house each time I looked. It seems like she’s trying out different places to find her “spot.” Oddly, at our apartment, she ONLY ever laid on the ottoman, Steve’s desk, our bed (occasionally), or the floor — she never got up on the couches, chairs, or other furniture. I guess she likes our housemates’ furniture better.

Anyway, I found Nutmeg:

  • On the floor of the office, squished between my purse and camera
  • On the other desk in the office
  • On the couch (not on the blanket this time)
  • On the floor of the living room (this is where I usually find her)
  • On the linoleum next to the cat pen
  • On one of the kitchen chair cushions (picture below)

Nutmeg asleep on the kitchen chair

I’m cheating — here’s a final picture from our old apartment. This is a picture of Rocket with his satellite dish collar the day before we took it off. He’s freaking himself out in the mirror – notice his puffy tail!

Rocket freaking himself out

I could see this picture with a lolcat caption.

lolrocket - I protek u frm alienz!!!

You’re welcome to make up your own and post it in the comments below!


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