September Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

Water or gatorade?We’re just over halfway through the Groundhog Day Resolution year, and I’m feeling the tiring effects of a hot and long summer combined with moving and a general unproductive malaise. But just like at any good 5K, 10K, or marathon, Mr. Groundhog is standing at the sidelines with a smile and paper cups filled with chilled liquid goodness. This September review is a great chance to take a break, look back, and surge forward with renewed energy and purpose!

This past month, I kept my goals purposefully minimal as I knew a lot of my energy would be sapped with moving. I tried to keep a focus only on health/body goals and getting a new site and blog design up while maintaining my other routines. Although I stopped tracking routines and goals in the midst of moving madness, I feel very pleased overall with how this past month went!

  • Health/body goals – 🙂
    • How I did: Until we moved, we were very consistent with going to the gym three times a week, and I’m excited to start back again this week.
    • Next month: Get back into my exercise routine and start tracking food again. I realized this weekend that I haven’t had any green leafy veggies since moving (haven’t really been cooking, eating out a lot) and immediately made a menu for the rest of the month to rectify that situation!
  • Work-related goals
    • Branding goal – 8)
      • How I did: As planned, I took a day off and worked on implementing a new design to and this blog!
      • Next month: I’ve scheduled two hours into my calendar to work on tweaking the sites.
    • Small business goal – 🙂
      • How I did: I got business cards printed, but didn’t design a brochure.
      • Next month: I have three things planned: Follow-up with people who emailed initially but didn’t get back to me, design a brochure, and develop a local marketing plan.
  • Routines – 😦
    • How I did: I didn’t really keep up my routines during or after the move, partly because I ran out of daily tracking sheets and didn’t have the printer hooked up to print new ones. I also didn’t put together a housecleaning routine for myself.
    • Next month: We have to have a house meeting with our housemates and hopefully will go over chore ideas then. I’ve printed out more daily tracking sheets and have started using them again, so my goal this next month is to use them!
  • Character/social – 😐
    • How I did: I didn’t set any new goals for this area.
    • Next month: I’m restarting my daily “gratitude journal,” listing five things that I’m thankful for.

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