House photos: Our room and the kitchen

I finally got around to taking pictures of two of the rooms in the house we’re renting — the kitchen and our bedroom.

The kitchen is roomy with a U-shaped work area. The other side of the “u” has upper and lower cabinets but is open to the family/fireplace room.

We painted the kitchen a sunny yellow color and used Liz and Rich’s red Kitchenaid, toaster, and potholders/linens for red accent colors. I happened to have a ceramic tomato, as well, which rests peacefully on the stove. We tried to keep out mostly red, white, and chrome gear.

Eventually we’d like to paint the cabinets white and replace the hardware.


Opposite the U-kitchen area is a small eating area. To the left of the microwave cart is the opening that leads to the family room; you can just see the doorframe that connects with the entryway.

Liz is on the lookout for red chair cushions or fabric that she can use to replace the blue ones.

Dining area.

On the right wall (same wall as the fridge and stove) is a pantry closet and the door to the garage. Liz’s mom gave us a cool retro clock/timer which goes perfectly with white and chrome.

Pantry and garage door

Here is the pantry with shelves installed by Steve and I after many attempts at finding studs. We purposefully kept the top shelf one plank deep so that we could access the things easier and have a space for extra-tall items on the shelf below. We will eventually reinstall the pantry door (we took it off when painting) and get some kind of organizer on the inside of the door to hold brooms and other supplies.

We used plastic bins to hold cans instead of just stacking the cans on the shelves. This way you can pull the bin out like a drawer and see what’s in the back, so canned goods are less likely to get lost. This was useful for some of the sticky/liquid-y baking-related items as well; not only can we pull them out easily in the bin, but they don’t get the shelf all sticky and gross in case there’s a leak or spill.


That’s the kitchen.

I’m very happy with our bedroom! It’s small and cozy so we were forced to simplify and be minimalistic. This is the first room that we’ve been able to paint ourselves, as well. We used a sandy beige color.
On one wall, we have our bed, a cheap rectangular storage box on-end that acts as a nightstand, and my favorite wing-back chair and ottoman.

You can see our stuffed monkey collection hanging by their necks behind our headboard. The painting is one I got from Cost Plus on sale and perfectly matches our thick, plush winter bedspread (not shown).

Our room - the bed.

Under the bed is enough storage for a flat bin that holds my exercise gear, our winter blanket (in a vinyl case), a case with an extra set of sheets, and a brand new extra pillow. There’s enough room for Steve’s bin of exercise gear, but we haven’t dug it out from the garage yet.

Here is the other wall (opposite the window) with my wingback chair (with stuffed mama and baby sea otter) and ottoman/storage cube which holds my Bible and devotional books (and lots of other random stuff). The wall was a nice place to showcase the anniversary pictures that I make for each year of our marriage.

Our room - wall of pictures.

I wasn’t joking when I talked about simplifying. Not only did I pack away our out-of-season clothing (winter), but I also packed away from 1/2 to 2/3 of our in-season clothes! Our closet is now quite bare. I sort of like it.

Our room - the closet.

The top shelf holds bins with random gear, extra flannel sheets that didn’t fit in the linen closet, and a basket with hats and gloves. I love Sterilite brand plastic bins — we have tons of them all over the house, some with lids for stacking, and others open. (You can see several of them in use in the pantry.)

Below, we have my shoe organizer and a laundry basket with Steve’s “everyday” shoes, with space for Steve’s backpack. The rest of his shoes are in a bin in the garage.

Unfortunately this picture turned out blurry, but here’s what that wall looks like with the curtains drawn. The closet had ugly brown doors that the previous tenants had taken off and put in the garage. We stuck to their plan but added a spring-loaded shower curtain rod just inside the closet door and hung some curtains from them.

Our room - closet and dresser.

Our dresser was purchased used so it doesn’t quite match our bed, but I still love the excellent rolling drawers. At our old place, we had about 6 picture frames, candles, and a glass catchall bowl. Most of our picture frames are packed away; instead, I have a picture of us, a vase with my FlyLady duster, another vase with my silk-rose wedding bouquet, three asian jewelry/hairband boxes, and a picture for the wall. We’ve managed to keep the dresser fairly pristine so far.

Our room - dresser.

In the corner of the wall next to our dresser was a perfect place for our standing hamper.

So… those are the presentable areas of the house for now. 🙂 Hopefully we can get more done this weekend!


8 thoughts on “House photos: Our room and the kitchen

  1. Kristine – Hopefully you’ll see it in-person next summer! 🙂

    Angela – It solved two problems in one: What to do with a wedding present vase and where to store the duster! I think it looks pretty. 🙂

  2. Corrie, I love the wardrobe and the kitchen pantry! Beautiful. Thanks for taking us on a mini-tour of your house.

    My next question – how are you guys and the other couple sorting out the division of labour in the house??? 😉

  3. Marcia – We are switching off months — one couple is in charge of vacuuming, the other in charge of sweeping/mopping. Twice a month we’ll schedule “work days” to do yardwork and other cleaning. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

    Penny – Our old apartment kitchen was TINY to the point where I was storing pantry items and kitchen equipment in the hallway closet and living room, so I relate!

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