Weekly Update: On the up and up!

I’m feeling very optimistic because I had my first REALLY productive work-day yesterday since before we moved. I’m also slowly but steadily getting back into my routines and taking care of myself. It also helped that Groundhog Resolution Review Day was at the beginning of the week — it’s always a good jump start!

  • Fitness: We started going to the gym again this week. However, I’ve slacked off on exercising on the other days that we don’t go to the gym.
  • Routines: Slowly getting back into the swing of things! Filling out my bubble form is helpful and motivating.
  • Custom Shadow Box and Branding: No forward progress, but I scheduled some workdays for this next month.
  • Work: I felt overwhelmed the first half of the week (and also felt very tired), but yesterday was a great productive day and I think today will be, as well!
  • Personal: After reading Thanks!, I restarted my gratitude journal and (in addition to getting enough sleep) have been noticing a significant difference in my attitude and optimism level!

Two week’s worth of comments — thanks to: Angela Yee, Kristine, Gilda, Catherine, Penny, ddrdancer, Shoeb Ahmed, Shannon, Doodah, Ayesha97, Troy Worman, Mike Rohde, and Brian!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: On the up and up!

  1. Yay! Go you! Take care of yourself… The bubble form is amazing in how just colouring in those bubbles helps (me at least) take that momentum of finishing something and moving it along to the next one to three things. 🙂

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