Cat photos

Nutmeg on the couch. Series of four.


Nutmeg on couch

Nutmeg on the couch

Nutmeg on the couch

Nutmeg is very photogenic.


One of the many locations that Nutmeg has been “trying out”:

Nutmeg in a basket.

Nutmeg sat directly in front of the fan for several minutes.

Nutmeg sitting in front of the fan.

Remember Kittens vs. Nutmeg by volume? There are only four kittens now, but they’re definitely starting to overwhelm her:

Kittens nursing

We moved the Ghetto Cat Pen outside.

Outdoor ghetto cat pen

The kittens love to crowd inside the carrier for their morning nap.

Kittens sleeping.

Nutmeg jumped over the Ghetto Cat Pen wall, grabbed a toy, jumped back out, came around to the front door, and howled until I let her in. I took a picture first, then let her in after confirming it was not a dead animal!

Nutmeg with her prey

This next series of photos is hilarious. I let Nutmeg out into the Ghetto Cat Pen because she was meowing at the door, but once she was out there, she wasn’t really sure why she wanted to be there and paced around. Three of the kittens were arching their backs and rubbing up against her, then started crawling under her belly to try to nurse. Nutmeg was not very accommodating but kept trying (awkwardly) to walk around; meanwhile, the kittens scurried after her. The funniest thing is that the kittens would lift their paws to try to knead, then lose their balance and fall over. Meanwhile, Tofu was completely disinterested in the whole thing, playing with the remnants of a catnip mouse. You can see her in the background of some of the photos.

Kittens rubbing against Nutmeg

Kittens trying to nurse.

(Notice Tofu in the back corner in the photo below.)

Kittens trying to nurse.

Kittens trying to nurse.

Kittens trying to nurse.

Kittens trying to nurse.

Kittens trying to nurse.


8 thoughts on “Cat photos

  1. Our cat learnt that nasty things are associated with the carrier after the first visit.

    Although I have to admit the last time we took her she wasn’t at all concerned, which might be because it was over four years since she’d been in it.

    Does it seem quiet with the reduced number of kittens?

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