I didn’t post a blog yesterday because I was working on full speed to get as much as I could get done before going to my doctor’s appointment.

Okay — technically, I had two appointments, and neither with a doctor. One 2-hour appointment with a dietitian and a nurse, and a second 20-minute appointment with a midwife.Β  Steve left work early to meet me at the hospital. We got to hear our baby’s heartbeat at 11 weeks. Exciting times!

This is my first pregnancy, so everything is new and shiny, from the first ultrasound where we saw a tiny blip on the screen which was the baby’s heart, to the 3 hour glucose tolerance test I had to sit through, to the small feelings of queasiness which come when I’m hungry.

I’ve had a fairly easy time so far with minor nausea, although we joke that I’m like a “normal person” now who needs a lot more sleep than I used to get. More sleep = less productivity, but that’s the way it goes. Life got a bit more complex yesterday when I found out that I have impaired glucose tolerance (one step below gestational diabetes). Our health provider handles IGT aggressively (thus the two-hour meeting with aforementioned dietitian and nurse) so that the chances of developing gestational diabetes is lessened; I have to make a very detailed menu plan for my six small meals a day and test my blood sugar level four times a day with a cool glucometer that looks like a shiny mp3 player. (Shiny gadgets make me happy.)

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s kosher to plan one’s own baby shower, so I won’t be designing any cute or elegant baby shower invitations anytime soon. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Expectant

  1. Congratulations! I didn’t even know you were pregnant. Did you mention it before and I missed it? I just found out that I’m pregnant too! I have my first appointment today. Although this is my fourth (and last) so I should know what I’m doing by now. LOL

  2. Shucks. Pregnancy. One of those very cool chick things we guys can never measure up to. πŸ™‚ lol

    When the husband shows interest & excitement, and Oo’s and ah’s like the gals, don’t pick on him, ok? Try to let him feel like he’s a bit of an insider? πŸ˜‰ I’m sure he’s cool and he’s wishing he could experiencing more and doing more…so go easy on him when it hurts to lay on your back, and he puts the pillows in ‘just the wrong place for like the fortieth time’… LOL. Nah, you won’t go through that, right? πŸ™‚

  3. Mike – Thanks for the advice that I’m sure Steve will appreciate! πŸ™‚

    Marcia – Thanks! The official due date is April 9… of course, this means it could come anytime between March 26 to April 23…

  4. B’sha’ah Tova (lit. “in a good hour” or more poetically “in the proper time” – the traditional Jewish greeting extended to a pregnant woman or her family members upon hearing the news of her pregnancy)

    i may or may not have cast on your gift (I have enough of you due at about the same time I can keep y’all guessing). are you superstitious about setting up a baby’s things or having them in the room early?

  5. Congratulations Corrie!!! From all of us (when there are more than 2 you can say “all”) we’re so happy for you and Steve and the little one. Babies are great!

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