Weekly update: Life happens.

I lost six work hours this week from having to go to the hospital clinic, first for a three-hour glucose tolerance test (at least I got some reading done), then for the dietitian/nurse/midwife appointment. With an increased project load, this week has been more stressful than most.

  • Fitness and health: Missed both gym days this week because of meetings and hospital visits. I did manage to go on two short walks – yay! I also spent a big chunk of Wednesday evening putting together some sample daily menus to plan some options for breakfast, lunch, and three snacks to balance out my carbs, protein, fat, milk, veggie, and fruit allowances (with generic values assigned for dinner). Then, I used some of those sample menus to plan out detailed menus for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is starting to turn into its own post so I’ll stop here for now — let’s just say that I’m excited to meet the challenge of detailed menu planning!
  • Routines: Fairly good this week minus exercise.
  • Custom Shadow Box, Branding: Nothing this week, although I have planned to work on a brochure this weekend for Custom Shadow Box.
  • Work: More work, less time to do it. I also started teaching a six-week online class for PixelMill (about transitioning from Microsoft FrontPage to Expression Web) and the first week went well.
  • Personal: Still keeping up the gratitude journal and taking care of myself!

Thanks to this week’s comment-posting readers: Entropicon, Penny, Kristof Beirnaert, Marcia (Organising Queen), Mike Compeau, Samantha, bijouhamtaropika, Splash/ClickerTrainer, Britt, Kate Davis, Doodah, David, and Robert A. Mowrey.

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