Weekly Update: Ambivalent

I’m feeling a bit ambivalent this morning about my week — probably because overall I’ve had a great week, but I feel rather tired and a little bit grumpy this morning so I think that’s coloring my recollections.

  • Fitness and health: I’m keeping very detailed track of the food I eat and planning very detailed menus. We made it out to the gym only once this week; it’s extra-crowded because students are back in town and apparently have nothing to do except go to the gym. I was hoping that I’d be back into a regular fitness routine by now, but I’m giving myself some grace because this food thing is really sucking up a lot of my time and mental energy. Maybe next month!
  • Routines: I’m still managing to fill out most of my bubbles.
  • Custom Shadow Box: This past weekend I designed one side of a brochure. This weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to work on the other side! In the meantime, I haven’t even attempted any of my other mini-goals this month but perhaps I’ll check one thing off my list and send follow-up emails after I post this blog.
  • Branding: Big fat WHIFF. I had meant to use two hours on Monday to tweak the blog/site design but I ended up working extra-long hours instead. This looks like another weekend project but I would like to spend some time with Steve, so maybe not.
  • Work: Quite productive this week.
  • Personal: This week has been very good yet also challenging in some areas. Today, especially, my patience is already at its limit (and it’s only 7:42 am). I feel like I’m in a spiritual/character growth spurt as I grow to meet these challenges; so in the long run, it’s a good thing, but I’m definitely going through some growing pains! (Gratitude journal still going strong.)

Thanks to everyone who has commented this week: Arianne, ramsesoriginal, Mike Compeau, Mike Rohde, Angela Yee, Gilda, Amanda Farler, Brian, Diana, Brian Green, Natisha Melchor, ClickerTrainer, Penny, and Kate Davis.


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