Weekly Update: Meh.

I was very tired and not feeling well the first half of this week, which directly impacted my productivity level.

  • Fitness and health: I’ve canceled my detailed six-meal menus. I think I’ve got the hang of it now and am able to go through my day without expending too much energy thinking about food. I didn’t go to the gym at all, but did go walking several times this week.
  • Routines: Good.
  • Custom Shadow Box: Nothing.
  • Branding: Nothing.
  • Work: I was not very productive in the first half of the week, but have been super-productive the past couple of days. I’m still very behind with some projects, unfortunately.
  • Personal: Nothing new.

I missed my GTD weekly review last week so I’m going to take extra time today to get my thoughts back in order!

Thanks to people who commented this week: Marcia, Ddrdancer, Jen (#1),  Jen (#2),  @Stephen, Diana, Penny, Paul, Splash, Britt, Moira Mackay, and Soroush.


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