Do-it-yourself Silliness

Extra post for today (assuming I get to my week review post) since I missed yesterday while being very productive… 🙂

A couple days ago, Nutmeg was crouching over her tasseled ball toys. I wondered out loud, “Where are her catnip mice?” (She has two — a grey and a white one.) I saw something grey in the corner but it looked like the wrong shape. Going over and picking it up, I saw that it was a decapitated catnip mouse — the head had come off!

Later on, we found the catnip mouse head near the front door.

Yesterday morning, I had a bout of do-it-yourself silliness. Armed with cardboard, scissors, colored pencils, tape, and glue, I made this:

Catnip mouse head mounted on cardboard

I cut out a shield shape out of cardboard, used colored pencils to make “wood grain,” cut a small piece of paper for the commemorative date, and finally glued the catnip mouse head onto my makeshift plaque.

Here is a side view so that you can see the ghetto makeshift “stand” that I made for the plaque:

Side view of catnip mouse plaque

An angled piece of cardboard, taped to the back of the plaque, supported by another piece of cardboard taped to the bottom.

I’m envisioning a whole row of these things. Or, maybe we’ll just leave it up for a few days and then I’ll throw it away. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Do-it-yourself Silliness

  1. *snort* i just fell off my stool (ok, it wasn’t balanced properly) but i’m really honestly laughing my head off. i hope a cat can acquire me soon…

  2. Ha! Thanks for validating my colored pencil skills.

    One of my friends thought the plaque was a lot bigger from the picture. For clarification, it’s really only about 2.5 inches high. 🙂

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