Weekly Update: Good work week

This week was much better than last in terms of productivity with work, but as I mentioned in my Groundhog Day Resolution Review, my other goals have been rather stagnant. I’m looking forward to taking some time tomorrow to reflect on my goals and either revamp, reprioritize, or reinitiate them. I’ve also been reading The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, which could have some implications for restructuring my goals.

  • Fitness and health: No gym; biked/walked around town yesterday although not officially “exercising.” Will be walking at some point today but am waiting to see if the rain lets up. 🙂
  • Routines: Good.
  • Custom Shadow Box: Nothing.
  • Branding: Nothing.
  • Work: Awesome! Seem to have my focus back this week and have been cranking on stuff.
  • Personal: Good.

Thanks to people who commented this week: Ddrdancer, y0mbo, azazil, Erik, Dave, Amy, Diana, Kate Davis, Angela Yee, The Wife, Kristine, ClickerTrainer, James Haffly, and Gilda.


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