Goals update

During last week’s Groundhog Day Resolution review, I talked about wanting to take some time to reevaluate my goals. I had a big chunk of Saturday morning to devote to this, but it’s been more of an ongoing process since then!

So here is how my original goals break down (from May Review):

  • 3 goals are health/body-related:
    • goal weight to maintain
    • exercise goal
    • nutrition goal
  • 4 goals are work-related:
    • develop a brand for “me”
    • learn specific new skills
    • develop alternative revenue streams (aka start a new side business)
    • learn to build my own computer (that one is an “inactive” goal)
  • 3 goals are personal/hobby-related:
    • have established routines
    • buy a house (inactive – no plan yet)
    • have a stained glass studio in my house (inactive – requires a house)
  • 9 goals are character/social-related — some examples are becoming more comfortable at small talk and being a joyful person.

And this is how my goals are shaping up now, although they’re still re-forming:

  • Health/body
    • weight: pregnancy goal weights to maintain each month
    • exercise: walk every day for at least 30 minutes OR bike to gym
    • nutrition: maintain good levels of blood sugars and eat my veggies!
  • Work
    • brand: rework corriehaffly.com focus (more about this in a later post)
    • learn new skills: on hold
    • income: (more about this in a later post, but here are the basics)
      • bomb through current lineup of small business clients, then limit to one at a time
      • implement new efficiency strategies
      • pursue writing opportunities
      • change focus of clientele
  • Personal/hobby
    • routines: in maintenance mode, apart from trying to get exercise back into it
    • buy a house: in process of dreaming and planning
    • stained glass studio: on hold
  • Character/social
    • Most are in maintenance mode, including keeping up my gratitude journal

So these are my reformulated long-term goals. For the rest of this month (until 11/11), I’m going to work on these specific milestones:

  • Weigh myself daily
  • Walk 30 minutes every day
  • Keep track of blood sugar and diet
  • Complete 3/6 small biz client projects
  • Keep up gratitude journal

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