Weekly Update: Mostly good

Back to a mostly normal week! Health/fitness routines are completely off, however. Serious problem of inertia — I stopped moving, and I can’t get back into it! Maybe Groundhog Day Resolution review day (coming up this Sunday on 11/11) will help jump-start me.

  • Health/fitness:
    • Weigh myself daily – 😐
    • Walk 30 minutes every day – 😐 I walked exactly twice this whole week. Shame on me!
    • Keep track of blood sugar and diet – 😦 I’ve slacked off on keeping detailed track of my diet, although my blood sugar hasn’t suffered too greatly, but I’ve definitely been eating more starches than I should. No excuses other than plain ol’ laziness! πŸ™‚ However, I have made bonus steps in line with my long-term goal of “Nutrition: I prepare healthy meals, eat organic foods, and plan menus” because we have been buying food almost exclusively at the local farmer’s market or from the local food co-op, which provides lots of organic choices.
  • Work:
    • Complete 3/6 small biz client projects – 8) Awesome! I finished up another web project yesterday and sent off my invoice. I pushed pretty hard to get this one finally done in the past few weeks (it’s been an “open project” since July) and am pretty proud of myself for doing so. (I also added on another small project, so this makes 2/7 complete with one more project on deck as soon as I can email a proposal off.)
  • Personal:
    • Keep up gratitude journal – πŸ™‚
  • House:
    • Finish reading book about buying first-time home.
    • Look at budget and analyze to see if we could afford monthly expenses.
    • Talk to mom about borrowing money.

I realized that I’ve been forgetting to thank comment-makers! So, thanks to Katy, Steven, Mike Rohde, entropicon, sahil simon, bijouhamtaropika, lisa, Leslie, penny, Diana, Charisse, doodah (welcome back!), Angela Yee, mark, gilda, Amanda, catherine, Splash/ClickerTrainer, Erica, sam, Kristine, LB, pk, Kate Davis, Shafir Ahmad, and Paul Williams.


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