November Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

Last month’s revamp of Groundhog Day Resolutions proved to be a good move! I reformulated my long-term goals (which involved updating my goal tracker form) and set new milestones for myself.

  • Health/body goals – 😕
    • How I did: So I wasn’t very consistent with these milestones (which were necessarily ongoing routine-type things), but overall I still feel good about them, except for my distinct lack of an exercise routine.
      • Weigh myself daily – I ended weighing myself about twice a week, but managed to stay within a healthy 1 lb. a week weight gain for the beginning of my second trimester. Pure luck!
      • Walk 30 minutes every day – System failure. Trying to analyze what happened, I’m finding a combination of all-natural pure laziness and a lack of general routine, as Steve had 2/4 weeks off in the past month.
      • Keep track of blood sugar and diet – Kept track of blood sugar but gave up on tracking the diet, which meant that I quickly degraded into poor high-carb food choices and eating less veggies throughout the day. I got a small talking-to from my dietitian.
      • Bonus – I excelled at cooking wonderful healthy dinners using mostly local and organic produce; this is one of my long-term goals that I hadn’t intended to work on, but apparently reading the right books is pretty motivating for me.
    • Next month: I’ve set up some new milestones for myself. (See below for my new strategy on how I’m going to implement some of those daily routines like weighing myself and exercising.)
      • Weigh daily and track
      • Develop exercise routine
      • Buy local foods (not exclusively, but as much as I can)
      • Eat healthy lunches
  • Work goals: 🙂
    • How I did: My one milestone was to complete 3/6 small biz client projects. I fully completed only two, but I’m still very pleased with my focus and progress this month; those two projects had been hanging on for a loooonnnng time and it’s nice to finally have them done with and have the invoices out.
    • Next month: So, I had 4 remaining projects, but I had two more that were waiting in the wings so I’m back up to six. Of these six, two are ones where the client has mysteriously disappeared and I’m going to count those as low-priority for now. The other four are ones that I’ll be working on, and I’m going to shoot to complete 3 again this next month!
  • Character goals: 🙂
    • How I did: I kept up my gratitude journal but I’ve been unaccountably moody (pregnancy hormones? stress from Steve not working for two weeks?).
    • Next month: Shooting to continue my gratitude journal daily, and to get back into a daily devotional time (slacked off a bit at the end of this past month).
  • House goal: 🙂 / 😐
    • How I did: I met 2/3 milestones (read the buying-your-first-home book, looked at our budget). Didn’t get a chance to talk to my mom as she went on an overseas trip by the time I finished the first two. Am not very optimistic about the reality of us owning a home in our current city, and our down payment savings also took a setback as we purchased a truck for Steve’s work.
    • Next month: Talk to mom.

I have my daily calendar “bubble sheet” for filling out daily routines, but I’ve been finding that it hasn’t been very motivating lately. So, I’m ditching the bubble sheet for this month and am instead combining the bubble concept with the Seinfeld productivity trick. I made myself a form with each day from 11/12-12/11. Each day has a box where I can write in my weight and bubbles to cross out for exercising, having a devotional time, and eating a healthy lunch. The idea is to “not break the chain” and to fill in every bubble for the month. We’ll see how it goes!

So — this is the last month in the Groundhog Day Resolution cycle, and I’m hoping I can end strong! Next month will end this experiment and will be a time to celebrate what’s been accomplished this past year!


3 thoughts on “November Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

  1. {hugs}! Wow. What a month. Perhaps if you had a daily destination for your walks it would help? My mileage skyrocketed when classes resumed as I just get off the train a few stops early (or walk to a more distant station). I’m not really sure about the layout of your neighborhood, but I recall you used to bike to the library. If it isn’t too far from the new place, maybe you could walk there with your journal and write there?

  2. The library is way too far to walk, but it’s still a good bike ride, although it takes about an hour round trip (if I limit my time at the library) so it’s not as feasible of an option for regular exercise. Having a destination is a good idea, though — I’ve found it more motivating when I have checks to deposit to walk down to the store/ATM. 🙂 I’ll have to think up an excuse for walking or biking somewhere every morning!

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