Weekly Update: Internet-less

I’m taking tomorrow off for a family event so this is a short week. It’s also been a week without internet at home, so I’ve been working at coffee shops and in the office for a few hours in the late mornings and trying to do work offline at home in the early mornings and afternoons. (Apparently our cable line got cut through by the neighbors, so our cable internet is down for at least this week and maybe more.)

This has actually been a good opportunity to try to use the Tim Ferriss method of only checking email at limited times! Unfortunately it’s been hard to cram all my online work into a couple of hours so I’ve been suffering in other work-related areas.

As is typical with the week immediately following Groundhog Day Resolution review day, I’ve gotten off to a great start; exercising (defined loosely — biking/walking to the coffee shop has counted!), eating a healthy lunch, keeping my gratitude journal, weighing myself, and having morning devotional time has all happened for four days in a row. 🙂

Thanks to comment-makers: Angela Yee, Holly, Penny, Gilda, Melissa, Katy, and Kate Davis.

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