Organizer Nine-Month Checkup

I’ve been doing several admin-type things the past few days. Today, I tackled my calendar, modifying Dave Seah’s Compact Calendar 2008 into a two-column half-sheet layout, printing out another year’s worth of monthly calendar sheets and making two-week spreads up to May 31, 2008, then removing older calendar sheets from my organizer and archiving them in a file. I was shocked at how the time has flown!

My planner looks much the same as it did six months ago, except for the additional section for my project lists and project detail sheets. I still love the flexibility of the Circa system and have a strong presentiment that I’ll be keeping to this system for a while! My two-week spreads and daily task/tracker sheets still work very well for me, although I’ve generally stopped using the tracker side of the sheet except for those days when I need some extra motivation to complete my routines. It’s nice to feel that I’ve found a system that finally works for me — at least in this season of my life.

I know that a few others have experimented with new organizers and systems this year, @Stephen, Penguin Girl, and Kate, for example. As the year comes to a close, have you found your organizer working for you? What changes will you make for 2008?


11 thoughts on “Organizer Nine-Month Checkup

  1. Take a breath Dave, we’re not talking about a centerfold here! 😉
    I have not yet printed out my January sheets, but I am starting to plan a project that will reach into next year (Disclosure: using an online resource that is one of my blog sponsors)
    I must admit that I am considering a new method of tagging and grouping…

  2. Dave/Catherine – Ummm… don’t be too impressed! 🙂 My planner looks the same as it did before (reference the links above for pictures/diagrams). All this post really meant was “I printed out the Illustrator monthly calendar layout, filled in the dates with a marker, printed out the weekly spread layout, filled in the dates with a marker (up to 5/31), cut and punched them, and put them in the planner.” Hm, that could have been a lot less wordy than what I did above!

    @Stephen – Curious about the new method of tagging and grouping you’re looking into?

    Speaking of “tags,” I haven’t really figured out how to use tags and categories effectively for this blog. Maybe that can be a 2008 project. 🙂

  3. Hey Corrie, I’ll have a post up later today about how my own system has changed. One of my back-burner to-dos was to update my “Killer” setup post. It will have more on the new tagging system.

  4. My organiser is working really well for me. The main changes I’m making at the moment are to reflect the fact that I now have a rollabind punch (yippee) which is opening up all kinds of possibilities.

    The main area I need to work on is my project section because I hardly use it at the moment.

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