Print Design: FBC Brochure

This is a project I completed several months ago, but it’s taken me a while to actually take pictures of the completed product!

A couple years ago, I had created a simple tri-fold, two-color brochure for my church. This year, they asked me to put together a full-color, updated brochure based on a shorter, wider tri-fold style. Here are the two sides of what I came up with:

Brochure side 1

Brochure side 2

A different designer had redesigned the church’s templates used for weekly bulletin and sermon notes, and I tied in some of the elements from their design with this brochure: The gold circular icons, the “strip of photos” treatment, and the use of a serif type for the titles. I tried to make the design a bit more fluid by adding in some multi-level lines connected with curves and plenty of rounded corners. I also tied in some of the photos that I’ve used for the FBC web site.

As I don’t have a background in print design, I depend heavily on the printers telling me what they need from me. Luckily the Illustrator files I provided with embedded photos seemed to be enough! I was surprised one Sunday by seeing the new brochure, printed on glossy card stock, in the chair rack in front of me.

Here are a couple photos…

The front of the brochure:

FBC brochure - front

First open: The right side is still folded over although the connected gold line gives the illusion that it’s one spread. (I was impressed that the printer was able to match up the lines in the design from one side to the other.)

FBC brochure - opened

“3D” photo of the brochure:

Brochure unfolded

4 thoughts on “Print Design: FBC Brochure

  1. Really nice work Corrie. I’m the same with print…definitely reliant on the printer to address any issues. Hope you’ve had a great week.

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