December Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

 Hooray! It’s been a full “year” of Groundhog Day Resolutions. December is the month to wrap up and review the year-of-goals, then to relax and enjoy the holiday season while giving oneself nearly two months to mull over new goals for the next year’s Groundhog Day.

In this post, I’ll talk not only about how my goals went this past month but do a general review of the whole experience as well.

  • Health/body goals – 8)
    • How I did: I tried a new form for writing down my weight daily and marking bubbles for exercising and eating healthy lunches (and having regular devotional times, a separate goal, below). I’m happy to report that this worked out exceedingly well for me!
      • Weigh daily and track – Did this every day! As for my overall goal of maintaining healthy pregnancy weight gain, this was a weird month with sudden jumps, a plateau, another sudden jump, a drop, and a jump. I ended up only 1.5 lbs. over the recommended average of 1 lb. a week, though, so I guess I’m doing okay.
      • Develop exercise routine – I was able to walk every day until I started having some bad back pain. Then, I found a pregnancy exercise video to do indoors instead. Of the 30 days that I tracked (11/12-12/11), I only missed 5 days. Much better than the 5/30 days of exercise that I seemed to be getting before!
      • Buy local foods (not exclusively, but as much as I can) – Going well. I’m also trying an experiment for December where I’m itemizing every penny spent on food and calculating the cost of meals I make, meals we eat out, and general groceries. I’m curious to see if buying local/organic makes a big difference for better or worse in what we spend money on.
      • Eat healthy lunches – 29/30 days! I did have some unhealthy snacks every now and then, ahem. Always a way to bend the rules…
    • Next month: Even though December/January aren’t officially times to continue to pursue goals for GDR, it’s important for me to keep on trying to exercise, eat healthily, etc. So, I’ll make myself another form for the next two months and do my best.
  • Work goals: 8D
    • How I did: My goal was to complete another 3/6 projects. Over this past month, I added another 4 projects (2 small ones, 2 “normal” ones) and crossed off 2 that weren’t going anywhere for a total of 8 ongoing projects. I managed to complete 4 projects completely, with one more of the small ones just about done. Yippee!
  • Character goals: 🙂
    • How I did: Kept up my gratitude journal nearly every day. I think I only missed 2/30 days.
  • House goal: 😐
    • How I did: Whiffed on talking to mom.

Overall, I think Groundhog Day Resolutions helped me to have a very productive year! Here are some of the things that have come out of intentionally setting goals and mini-goals this year:

  • Rebranded with a new logo and web site design
  • Started a new business (then decided I didn’t really have the energy to put into it)
  • Restarted a daily gratitude journal
  • Started and finished lots of work projects; worked on increasing turnover speed
  • Read a book about buying a first home
  • I don’t know if “got pregnant” really counts, but it was on my long-term goal list so I’ll claim it as one!

I definitely think a mid-year goal revamp/review time would work for me next time around. Perhaps I’m not big-picture enough to set year-long goals (or even longer-term goals)? I found my late goal revamp (October) to be very invigorating.

Even though I don’t have to commit to new goals until next February, I have a couple of rough ideas of the direction I want to head…

  • Healthy routines – This was the area I struggled with the most — exercising regularly, eating healthily. Even the motivation of being pregnant and having impaired glucose tolerance doesn’t go too far when I’m faced with, say, a tasty-looking bag of potato chips or a sliver of fresh-out-of-the-oven brownie.
  • Business direction – Reading the 4 Hour Workweek and working through some of the ideas helped me to see that while I enjoy custom web design work, it can be pretty draining. I’d like to focus more on working with developers and existing clients and limit the new custom web design work that I take on. This will involve some reworking of my business site.
  • Family – Learning to be a good mom.

… But I can think about those later! For now, it’s time to take a break from being goal-oriented and just enjoy the season!


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