Farm meets web

“Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) connect farmers with communities, enabling non-farmers to subscribe to boxes of produce and other farm products. After doing a few searches online for CSA farms, I came across Eatwell Farm, located in Dixon, CA (a few miles down the freeway from where I live). I was surprised and delighted to find that Eatwell Farm has a web site, a blog, and even YouTube videos of their farm.

The web site is low-tech but functional and offers useful recipes and updated information about what to expect in a produce box subscription each week. The blog talks about improvements they make to their farm, how crops are doing, and the latest news in the saga of the “chicken killer(s) and thieves” (someone shot several dozen chickens, I think, and many have been stolen; the shooting caused their adorable guard dog to get loose and then get hit by a car — so sad!). The YouTube videos show baby chicks, piglets feeding, the egg-washing process, and more — fascinating stuff for someone like me who grew up in suburbia (if you like this stuff, check out this photo-essay about growing and harvesting potatoes).

I think this is a great example of how some thoughtful web-marketing can enrich an experience for users.


2 thoughts on “Farm meets web

  1. On the subject of organic/eating locally/etc, I have to recommend “The $64 Tomato”. I’m almost done with it and am enjoying it a great deal. He is a very engaging writer. I would think an audio version of this is fine (and I loath audiobooks so I guess that is saying something.) 🙂

    PS have you heard of I am completely in love with it….

  2. Splash – thanks for the recommendation!

    I joined “Good Reads” for a short while and also tried iRead on Facebook, but found maintaining different reading networks hard to maintain and quit both!

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