New Year’s Eve and Parody Posters

After my unplanned blogging break over the holidays, I have somewhat-dated post ideas coming out of my ears. So I’ll start with something a little more recent — What I Did For New Year’s Eve.

My church has a New Year’s Eve party for junior-high and high-schoolers involving fun activities all over the church campus (dodgeball tournament, video games, inflatable sumo wrestling suits, arts/crafts, etc.) and culminating in a lip-sync contest performed by different groups of students and staff/volunteers. Steve and I have volunteered the past four years, including this past weekend, along with 40-50 other adult volunteers, by helping to supervise the different activities, serve food, and clean up. The past couple years, we’ve also helped before the event with the decor.

This year, the theme for the main room was “The Price is Right.” Local businesses donate lots of different door prizes which are raffled off, but this year we made use of the game show format to allow kids to win prizes as well. In the three days leading up to the New Year, a few of us got together and put together a low-budget but fantastic-looking set for the main room, including a functional big Plinko board.

Photo of set - front stage

We pretended that the main room would be like a live taping of The Price is Right, so set up the foyer to be the entrance to “NBC FBC Studios.” I designed a mashup logo of our church logo and the NBC logo and helped to make a sign that hung outside the door.

FBC Studios sign

The foyer featured parody posters of TV shows created by yours truly. I did some poster and font research on Saturday and put together some high-res “base” posters, sans photos. Another volunteer took photos of the pastors, staff, and some youth worker volunteers on Sunday afternoon. I then had a few hours to stitch together the photos and posters and make it all look relatively decent so that we could get them printed for the next day.

Foyer with parody posters

I think I’ll do a series of posts describing some of the specific Photoshop steps I took to make the posters, so for now, I’ll just show you the end result compared to the original TV show poster:

Ugly Betty poster Ugly Shelly poster

Grey’s Anatomy poster Joe's Anatomy poster

Lost poster Lost? poster

Scrubs poster Scrubs poster

Heroes poster Heroes poster

The Office poster The Office parody poster

You can view more photos of the setup and first part of the event (before my camera battery died) on flickr.

Before the parody poster series commences, expect to see posts ranging from a food reference sheet to homemade Christmas presents in the next few days!

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