Food reference sheet

I’ve put together a food reference sheet based on compiled information from Organic or Not? by Cindy Burke and How to Pick a Peach by Russ Parsons.


Disclaimers: No guarantees about the accuracy of this information. 🙂


  • Food – Name of produce item.
  • Organic – If “yes,” then it’s best to choose organic.
  • Conventional – If “OK,” then it has less pesticide danger.
  • Notes – When to purchase locally (for best flavor), whether to avoid or purchase imported, and other notes.
  • Storage – How to best store the produce.
  • Choosing – How to choose a “good” one.

Some of the items are highlighted:

  • Green – Highest levels of pesticides, so you should definitely purchase organic versions.
  • Yellow – Lowest levels of pesticides, so you’re safe purchasing conventional versions.

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