Decluttering cables and devices for under $35 Mike Rohde sent me a link to, where Van Mardian demonstrates with text and photos how he mounted a pegboard to the bottom of his Ikea Jerker desk and then mounted his devices and cables to the pegboard for a beautifully clean desk surface. As I’ve been struggling myself with device and cable management (at one point using florist’s tape, because that’s all I had on hand, to bind cables into neat bundles — the florist’s tape eventually dried out and unraveled) and have a Jerker desk myself, this is Very Inspiring and may make it onto my 2008 personal projects list.


5 thoughts on “Decluttering cables and devices for under $35

  1. crazy tangled wires are the bane of my existence! i bought those plastic ties from target to bundle mine up. it was one pack with about 5 sizes and a ton of each. i can’t remember what they are called officially, but they are the ones that you pull through a locking part. i did it for my computer and my entertainment center.

  2. Hi, Corrie – I found your link through your Eatwell message. I also LOVE my food basket/eggs (a 5 year subscriber now) and relish the fresh produce each week. I’ve enjoyed perusing your website. Regarding the decluttering, we have a lot of equipment wires at our office, so that’s always a hot issue for us. We, too use the plastic ties (an official name) and they can be found at Davis Ace and Home Depot, etc…very handy! Also, we have a “cable organizer” from Linens & Things (or Bed, Bath…same idea). It cost about $12 and you can store a whole bunch of wires in it, and then you’re left with just one large “cable”…much more attractive than tangles heaped all over. Thanks for sharing your volumes of research on a variety of topics.

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