Produce box arrives!

First box of produce

We picked up our first box of Eatwell Farm produce (and a dozen free-range eggs) last night. I was definitely glad that we have two fridges that we share with our housemates, because I filled up 2.5 out of 4 crisper drawers!

I probably won’t be as detailed as fellow Eatwell Farm subscriber’s blog, In My Box, with what I end up doing with the produce, but you can expect a few posts here and there as I move forward with the local-and-sustainable food adventure.

In this week’s box (we’ll get another one in two weeks):

  • 3 pink lady apples
  • generous bag of satsuma mandarin oranges
  • 4 or 5 tiny heads of broccoli
  • large bunch of red russian kale
  • 4 or 5 red turnips, greens attached
  • small head of romaine lettuce, I think
  • small produce-sized bag of very dirty “polar bear spinach”
  • two bunches of baby bok choy (I think it’s actually a different variety of choy, but don’t remember what it’s called)
  • small ziplock bag of dried serrano peppers
  • small bunch of arugula
  • three long sweet potatoes
  • three small leeks

I have some fun ideas for meals already, but I’m at a loss with what to do with dried serrano peppers. Any ideas or tips on how they can be used? Also, if you have some simple-yet-effective ways to cook kale, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Produce box arrives!

  1. There is a yummy soup that has kale in it but I can’t remember who cooked it. Actually maybe it was Olive Garden – their sausage soup!

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