CSA Days 12 and 14: Turnip bisque, salad, and sausage-potato-kale soup

We went on a mini-vacation and when I got back, I started using up the rest of our CSA produce box.

Turnip bisque, salad

First up on Sunday night: Turnip bisque, which was an easy soup of simmered sweet potato, turnip, and leek, all pureed together with crispy shaved-and-baked turnip strips on top from the Eatwell Farm newsletter. I made a quick salad of sauteed mushrooms, oranges, and lettuce from the Farmer’s Market with some chopped arugula sprinkled in.

Sausage, potato, and kale soup

I still had a lovely bunch of kale as yet unused, so I found a recipe online for sausage, potato, and kale soup. I didn’t add chicken, used chopped fresh potatoes, and used only 1/2 lb. of mild Italian sausage. The result was a slightly spicy, savory soup that I brought to our church small group potluck.

3 thoughts on “CSA Days 12 and 14: Turnip bisque, salad, and sausage-potato-kale soup

  1. You are making me SO hungry for real food. I can’t wait to complete this kitchen renovation so I can eat normal again. I feel disgusting (and hungry) from this bad food.

    PLUS you are showing me new unique combinations that look so WONDERFUL!

    Thank you!!! Eat in good health.

  2. Hi Corrie!

    I like the pictures you took of your dishes- they look really great! The natural lighting is perfect. I thought I’d share this video I made with Miriam with you. We made a little impromptu cooking show about Juevos Rancheros. Its pretty long, so just watch the first and last few minutes if your interested. Hope everything is going well!


  3. Can I please come for dinner at your place?! 🙂
    I am really, really impressed at how you’re using the contents of the box. It all looks so appetizing.

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