CSA Box 2 arrives

We picked up our second CSA produce box on Wednesday night. I put everything away and didn’t take a picture, but here’s a list of what we got:

  • 3 Pink Lady apples
  • 3 navel oranges
  • small bunch of romaine lettuce
  • bunch of crocodile spinach
  • bunch of red kale (less than last week but still generous)
  • baby bok choy
  • small head of Wakefield cabbage, which is a pointy oblong/oval shape instead of round
  • four leeks
  • bag of Satsuma mandarin oranges
  • bunch of big carrots
  • Tokyo turnips
  • Watermelon radish

I went through some root-confusion when we first went through the box. We got a round red root which looks suspiciously like one of the red turnips we got last week (just a little smaller than a baseball), a greenish-white root about the same size which I think may be a watermelon radish, and a bunch of smaller white roots which may be the Tokyo turnips based on pictures I looked at online. I’m thinking the red root is a red turnip that accidentally made its way into our box, but I’ll find out when I cut everything open!

I do have a few things left over from last week’s box, what with our mini-vacation and then being invited over to friends’ homes for dinner a couple nights:

  • two sweet potatoes
  • two smallish leeks
  • dried serrano peppers

In general, I’m quite happy that nothing — except for wilted turnip greens — got thrown out from our first box! We had some Farmer’s Market casualties, unfortunately — the big 5 lb. bag of oranges I bought aren’t getting eaten fast enough so a couple have gone moldy.

Some initial brainstorming for what to do with our produce…

  • Fellow Eatwellian In My Box has a yummy-looking rice bowl recipe that will use kale, eggs, serrano peppers, and orange juice. I’ll probably make a smaller amount because Steve isn’t fond of nutty/crunchy rice.
  • Our next meal will involve baked sweet potatoes with a brown sugar glaze, baked salmon, and some kind of veggie — maybe carmelized leeks from this week’s Eatwell newsletter recipes.
  • I’m in a phase where I love raw carrot sticks — the real stuff, not shaved-down baby carrots.
  • Found a recipe for using Tokyo turnips in a miso soup.
  • May use some of the leeks to make potato-leek soup. If anyone has any other good leek recipes, please let me know!

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