Happy Groundhog Day!

Cheering groundhogI had a fun and rather unproductive time over the holidays and it has nearly taken all of January for me to get back into the flow of things. Now that it’s Groundhog Day, I’m ready to set some goals for the year (or at least the next few months) using Dave Seah’s Groundhog Day Resolution concept.

Last year I had nineteen goals that I intermittently worked on which got trimmed down to twelve or so in the fall. I would set monthly milestones for 7-10 of these goals each month.

This year I’m a little less ambitious, so I only have thirteen goals to start with. Here’s how they break down:

  • Health/body goals
    • Weight:
      • Long term: Maintain healthy weight (between 110 lbs – 120 lbs)
      • This year: Gain healthy pregnancy weight. Then, lose it to get down to my ideal healthy weight.
    • Exercise:
      • Long term: Maintain a regular exercise routine.
      • This year: Exercise daily: Walk regularly pre-baby. Get back into running post-baby.
    • Nutrition:
      • Long term: Prepare healthy meals, eat organic/local/sustainable foods, and plan menus.
      • This year: Eat “real food” despite expense.
  • Work goals:
    • Web design:
      • Long-term: Maintain a sustainable amount of work, balancing income and personal needs.
      • This year: Spend most of my time working with existing clients or developers. Take on only one new custom client job at a time.
    • Alternative work:
      • Long-term: Develop alternative revenue streams.
      • This year: Work more at writing.
  • Personal goals:
    • House:
      • Long-term: We own a house.
      • This year: Buy a house.
    • Marriage:
      • Long-term: Be best friends with Steve.
      • This year: Intentionally spend time with Steve both before and after baby.
    • Social:
      • Long-term: Be in a satisfying small group/community.
      • This year: Do my part to foster authenticity, prayer, and growth in our church small group.
  • Spiritual/Character goals:
    • Spiritual:
      • Long-term: Know that God loves me.
      • This year’s goals: Daily devotional time. Meditate each week on a verse about God’s love.
    • Character:
      • Long-term: Live like God loves me: Be grateful,  humble, free from people-pleasing, joyful, trusting, holy, loving people freely and unconditionally, open, authentically.
      • This year’s goals: Develop a better understanding of my identity so I don’t think too highly or too lowly of myself — i.e., develop humility — by praying for people, keeping up the gratitude journal, and analyzing conflict situations.

Here is the action list, or list of milestones, that I put together for this next month:

  • Gain 4 pounds.
  • Walk 30 minutes daily, rain or shine.
  • Use all veggies/fruits from CSA boxes. Consider renewing subscription.
  • Analyze current work projects and if they fit into “new design,” “current clients,” or “developers.”
  • Analyze projected income for next 3 months to see if I need to work more.
  • Write two articles.
  • Continue house hunting.
  • Plan special Valentine’s Day date.
  • Sign up to lead two activities for small group.
  • Follow through on daily/weekly spiritual/character goals.

To help me keep track of this goals, I revamped the text bits of my Monthly Goal Tracker form. Instead of tucking this into my planner, I’m keeping it on my desk at all times so that I can review it daily!

If you plan on making and keeping some Groundhog Day Resolutions, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment!


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