YummyDummy chocolate

I’ve been awfully quiet on the blog. No, the baby hasn’t come two months early — I’ve just gotten a lot of work all of a sudden and we’ve had some event-filled weeks recently! Related to both of those changes, I’ve also been cooking less and we’ve been eating out more with visiting friends, so I don’t even have many CSA box food pictures to post.  (But there are some adorable ones of Nutmeg-the-cat which I have yet to download from the camera.)

But in the meantime, here’s a fun company I just learned about. YummyDummy Chocolate Company is based in my town and run by seven girls aged 9-12 with fun titles ranging from CEO — Chocolate Eating Officer — to “The Chocolate Whisperer.” They manage the company and create the chocolate themselves in an all-day once-a-month effort, when they also have a board meeting to discuss new product ideas and other business stuff. They vote on a charity each quarter and donate 10% of their profits (the rest gets invested back into the company). Their parents heartily support their efforts, helping them to drive their products around and provide guidance.

I’ll have to wait until after the baby comes to sample some of their chocolate myself, but their web site does allow you to order online and they supposedly sell at our Farmer’s Market (not sure if they’re only there in the spring/summer) and at a local produce shop. I might pick a YummyDummy bar for Steve to enjoy.

Not only that, the current YummyDummy web site is based on a web template that we sell at PixelMill. Yet another great reason to support this group of young entrepreneurs!


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