March 2008 Groundhog Day Resolution Review

It’s March 3rd, which means that it’s time to review my Groundhog Day resolutions!

How I did:

  • Gain 4 pounds. 🙂
  • Walk 30 minutes daily, rain or shine. 😐
    I started off strong with two full weeks of consistent walking. Then, work got really busy, and house-buying-related stuff got really crazy. Excuses, excuses. I think I averaged 3 times a week of walking for the next two weeks.
  • Use all veggies/fruits from CSA boxes. Consider renewing subscription. 🙂
    I mostly met this goal. I threw out half a bunch of arugula that didn’t get used up quickly enough. I did go ahead and renew our subscription for another 6 months!
  • Analyze current work projects and if they fit into “new design,” “current clients,” or “developers.” 🙂
  • Analyze projected income for next 3 months to see if I need to work more. 🙂
  • Write two articles. 8)
    I actually wrote three!
  • Continue house hunting. 8)
    We made an offer on a house!
  • Plan special Valentine’s Day date. 8)
    Steve and I took a weekend trip to Santa Cruz starting Thursday night (Steve had Friday off). It was a great time.
  • Sign up to lead two activities for small group. 🙂
  • Follow through on daily/weekly spiritual/character goals. 🙂

I had also set a bonus goal for myself to finish taxes, which I did!

And for next month…

  • Gain about 2 pounds (last month!)
  • Walk 30 minutes daily
  • Use all veggies in CSA box
  • Research meat CSA
  • Wrap up all work projects by the end of the month
  • Arrange “maternity leave” plan for forwarding email support and checking email/phone schedule
  • Write one article
  • Close on the house and move!
  • Plan a date with Steve
  • Lead two activities for small group.
  • Follow through on daily/weekly spiritual/character goals.

I wasn’t too crazy or ambitious with setting new/different milestones, because we’ll theoretically be moving in the middle of this month which will definitely throw off all of my routines and productivity! Coming on the heels of the move will be the month-long window when the baby could come at any time. It’s certainly going to be an interesting time.


2 thoughts on “March 2008 Groundhog Day Resolution Review

  1. Your blog is super inspiring. I just went and found out about CSA in my community (the 1 farm that offers it is booked up, but I did find a couple of farmers’ markets to frequent this year).

    I’ve added you to my reader, and I’m totally looking forward to your next posts.

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