Unusual uses for ziploc bags

I came across another unusual use* for zip-top plastic bags and thought I’d start a post to collect other ideas. Here goes!

1. Frugal heating system

Fill gallon-sized bag with rice. Heat in microwave for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy the heat.

2. Organize tea bags

Cut a piece of cardstock that is about the same size as a quart-sized bag and slide into the bag to help keep it “stiff.” Pull tea bags out of their box and put into the bag. Cut off box cover, if desired, and tape onto the cardstock. You can now “file” your tea bags in a basket or on a shelf. (You can even try matching the box cover with the card stock color!)

Organized tea bags

Organized tea bags

3. Finance organizer

And now for the final unusual use. This is a photo from my friend, Rebecca Wendlandt, who is an award-winning fashion designer-slash-mild-mannered custom clothing designer and seamstress. She keeps her business receipts in individual bags for each month which are then safety-pinned and hung from a hanger. The hangers are then organized by year in her closet. Very appropriate for a clothing designer, I thought!

Finance organization

Any other unusual uses you’d like to share?

* Unusual use: For the purposes of this post, I’ll define “unusual use” as “non-food-storage use.”


7 thoughts on “Unusual uses for ziploc bags

  1. I have always loved that teabag holder use, & implemented it partially in my current tea cupboard. When I move (into a smaller house) I will definitely start finding more fun organizational uses for things. 🙂

  2. Great ideas. Especially like the tea bag one.
    My ‘unusual use’ probably isn’t so unusual: I store a face cloth in it when I go to the gym. I only carry a hand-towel to dry myself with, and use the face cloth to wipe off most of the water after my shower before finishing off with the towel. The zip-lock keeps the wet facecloth away from clothes etc and the towel ends up practically dry since it doesn’t have much water to absorb. It keeps my gym bag lighter, less bulky and dry.

  3. Wow!!! I’ve seen a lot of ways for organizing tea bags (specially expensive ones) and never thought ’bout this one. When I arrive home tonight I’ll definetively grab some ZipLocs, cut some cardboard (I newed I’ll use it some day, hehehe)my tea bags, and cut the labels off of the original boxes. NICE!!!

  4. Zip locks are also great for containing bags of rice once they are open – can prevent big messes – or even to provide an extra layer of protection from critters.
    I also use zip bags to hold twist-ties cuz it’s great to be able to find one when I need one and storing them in a zip bag keeps them clean and organized.

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