Funniest moment in NCAA tournament

I don’t remember the exact quote from the announcer when the NCAA final Kansas-Memphis game went into overtime, but here it is paraphrased:

“Kansas is no stranger to the pressure of overtime in the NCAA final… they had a triple overtime against North Carolina in 1957.”

I’m quite sure that the experience from 1957 really helped prepare these players — born 30 years later — deal with the pressure of an overtime game.

2 thoughts on “Funniest moment in NCAA tournament

  1. When my wife and I heard that comment last night, we just looked at each other and busted out laughing. What an ignorant thing to say!

    While I wasn’t thrilled with Kansas winning, it turned out to be a very entertaining championship game.

  2. I missed the game last night, but that is hilarious. Sometimes you have to wonder what the announcers are thinking as they go on and on.

    I stopped following the tourney after Michigan State had their pathetic loss 😦

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