May 2008 Groundhog Day Resolution Review

I didn’t have many goals for last month:

  • Do something active daily until the baby comes 😦
    (My feet and legs swelled up again, which pretty much made it terribly uncomfortable to do anything active.)
  • Use up all veggies from CSA boxes 🙂
  • Keep calling CSA meat place 😦
  • Finish work projects 🙂
  • Lead an activity for small group 😕
  • Follow through on daily/weekly spiritual/character goals 🙂

This month, I’m also not being terribly ambitious. Most of my goals have to do with getting back into routines:

  • Start doing pushups and situps again daily.
  • Walk briskly three times a week.
  • Plan menus weekly.
  • Use up CSA box produce.
  • Work 1 hour every weekday (5/5-5/18). Work 2 hours every weekday (5/19-6/6).
    Starting small. 🙂
  • Use daily tracker sheet again to start getting back into daily routine.
  • Transition to using non-disposable diapers.
    I’d researched different types of non-disposable diaper solutions before the baby came and decided to get BumGenius pocket diapers. I decided I wouldn’t try actually using them until we were a month in, though, because who wants to do laundry every day when you first get home from the hospital? So we’ve been using disposable diapers for now, but I’m hoping this will be the month when we can transition to the BumGenius diapers!
  • Learn how to discreetly breastfeed in public.
    This relates to my longer-term “social” goal of being in a satisfying small group. If I can master the skill of discreetly breastfeeding in public, I’ll be able to participate more with the group.
  • Read book out loud with Steve.
  • Follow through on daily/weekly spiritual goals.

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