Cutest photo ever! and a quick update

I’m breaking my blog silence again to quickly post what is, for now, the cutest photo of Steven that I’ve taken:

Cutest photo of Steven

Things are generally going well.

  • Work: I’ve been able to work a couple of hours each day, and after Memorial Day I’ll be opening my doors again for business and making a concentrated effort to use my time efficiently so that I can work more.
  • Baby clothes: Steven is still a relatively easy baby… and growing! He’s grown out of the “newborn” size clothes and is probably going to grow out of most of his “0-3 month” clothes very soon.
  • Diapers: We’ve transitioned to our BumGenius diapers and have been using them for about a week. I’m doing laundry every other day (mixed diapers and other stuff). They’re working well for us, although we had two days of constantly leaking diapers until I figured out that Steven had grown faster than I expected and was already soaking through the smaller “newborn” diaper inserts! We transitioned to the larger, normal diaper inserts (or doubled up the newborn inserts) and it’s been fine since then.
  • Routines: My routines and goals have fallen by the wayside as I was focusing most of my non-taking-care-of-Steven time on a major work project, but again, I’m hoping to restart next week!
  • Cat: Nutmeg has been terrorized by the neighbor’s cat and has been mostly an indoor cat for the past couple of months, although she’s starting to venture out more. Her “safe place” is now under our bed, so we don’t see her much except when she’s hungry!
  • Garden: We put in two tomato plants and they seem to be thriving! Last weekend we planted pumpkin and corn seeds and we’ll see if they start to grow. All the other plants that were here before we moved in are looking rather pathetic, if not completely dead, unfortunately… A couple weekends ago, Steve and I bought some lumber and built a compost bin, or, as Steve calls it, a “compost palace.” It was perhaps not the most financially sound decision, as it would have been cheaper to buy one of those garbage-bin-like compost bins from Costco, but it looks pretty and it was fun to work on a project together. 🙂

I’m hoping that blogging will be one of the things that picks back up after Memorial Day, but at this point, Steven, work, and personal care are my main priorities!


2 thoughts on “Cutest photo ever! and a quick update

  1. That is a super cute photo.

    I enjoy your posts, but you’re right to focus on the things you’ve been putting as a priority. The blogosphere will always be here when you get more time. Your child will only be young once.

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