Interview, letter, and quick update

Two links:

  1. I’ve had my first blog interview over at Grilling the Gurus, if you’re interested. Thanks to Jack Franklin for the opportunity!
  2. Steven is now two months old! I’m posting letters to him at my other blog from now on. Here’s the latest one with plenty of cute photos and even some video.

It’s definitely stretching me to take care of a baby, sleep two hours at a time, try to work from home, and take care of housework and meals. (Exercise isn’t even in the picture right now, despite well-intended Groundhog Day resolution goals!) I’ve been really amazed at how interesting a little baby can be – every day I am overwhelmed by cuteness! (I’ll have to change the tagline on my blog to “I take cute pictures of babies” since I don’t have kittens anymore!)

One of these days, I hope, I’ll be able to sleep through the night, dust off this blog, and go for a run. Until then, hope you are doing well, and thanks for keeping this in your RSS reader list! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Interview, letter, and quick update

  1. Hey, that’s so cool about the interview!!! I think it’s funny you ended up having a book published even though you never intended it. Whereas I have always wanted to have a book published and just ended up publishing them myself! Ha ha! But now that I do self-publishing I am not at all interested in traditional publishing. So interesting!

  2. Don’t worry, you soon will be back in a schedule that allows you and Steven the time to do the thing each of you like to do, like exercise, work, household stuff, and this blog. Your faithful followers will still be here! Best of luck!

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